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Canakkale is not worthy of this place

Folk Turkish music musician Sabahat Akkiraz, Can UlkayDirected by Ali Atay, Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, Şebnem Bozoklu and Will Thorp WillHe composed the music of Dondurma Türk İşi Dondurma “. Akkiraz, "my family of 3 people do not lie in the kanakkale but that is not worthy of this," he said.

Akkiraz Twitter account:

“You are making a beautiful film aleanakkale. But when he comes to the bagpipes of songs söyleyen that says that there is not even near that film. The outcome is a good film required and is having the knock-on effect. Canakkale is not worthy of this.

Fahir Atakoğlu made the sound sound of the film

The film was directed by Can Ulkay and produced by Gürkan Tanyaş and produced by Mustafa Uslu on behalf of Digital Arts.

The film and pianist Fahir Atakoglu also includes Caner Kurtaran, Marleen Mathews, Tristan Alexander, James Farley, Alma Terzic and Carl Warthon.

The story of the historical drama is as follows: t

"The two Turks who live in Australia give them their livelihood by selling their souvenirs and ice cream by their cards. The couple, who discovered that war broke out. their home in 1915, deciding to go to the Dardanelles, the two Turks decided that, given the British, they distributed leaflets to rescue soldiers in Australia, their t Australia is a country. "

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