Changes from experts: Affecting heart and organs

Regular exercise is important for the health of their body. Experts say that the secret is a healthy and long-lived life to exercise exercise. Istanbul Romeli High School Sport Fun Sports Program. Happy Ural, "the most important feature in the heart of people who work on a regular basis, left exercise is bigger than exercise. With a clutch on the left insight, blood will be thrown into the muscles through muscles. Other biochemical companies for organisms and weeds is as simple and economical. This will accelerate the flow of blood and balance the tightness, "he said.


Teaching that the heart works with the strange devolution system. Mutlu Ural, "The strange regime system depends on the operation of the smooth muscles. It is also a rheumatic system that controls the internal operations process. This system works according to emotions and modifications. This system affects conditions such as stress, smile and weight. The system's effect is to trigger its heart and the symptoms. organisms to accelerate their etiquette process. In particular when the heart increases the size of blood, the paths to 5 windows respond to this situation and the tension is coming up, "he said.


Before the start of exercise, the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system should be taken into account. Ural, "Indeed, these two systems are a sports and exercise infrastructure. For this reason, every sports center should warn people about receiving a medical medical and screening report, and even they should write documents In the halls, there should be semi-bleaching and respiratory system (a first-time analyzer and gas analyzer). The meter of blood pressure should be an analog or digital steloscope and an expert known as to use it.

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