Dangerous risk in our organizations: Ethnicity

There are lots of reasons why you want to have the right to talk to the dead killer pek V on a body. According to Haberturk Ceyda Erenoğlu noted that the strongest bravery of plot or atherosclerosis (shells of the shells) is the barrier of the ship's lime. Antalya Medical Park Health Center t Hüseyin Okutan gives information about embolism.


There are many reasons for disorder. A clot that often accumulates in the left heart Atrium (this is either the result of a feral disease or rhythm disorder called atrial fibrlation at kulak) is a problem. attached to the heart from the left ventricle and the aorta. Being struck with the brain and hitting part of the brain can cause a stroke and can be temporary or permanent. The helmets that break from here may modify the muscles of the arms and legs or the narrow containers of the abdomen. These patients' complaints may also vary depending on the place. When the brain liver is suspended; If the motor center is affected, the patient cannot use his arm and foot. If the speech center is affected, a severe visual impairment may prevent vision if the vision center is affected. When his arm is blocked, there is pain or inactivity in the arm. Pain in her veins of leg as they walk again, the color of their forms changes. Embolism can cause fatal problems such as intestinal necrosis. Usually complaints are anemia with the suspended organ; Pain, cramps, nutritional disorders. Cloaks or lime that accumulates in these devices from heart disease can break over the various vessels in our bodies and cause jute. Symptoms and complaints will be seen similar to those patients.


Embolism means that the risks that await patients are dependent entirely on the vessel that was blocked and the region affected. This problem must be solved in minutes if embolism hinders the brain. If the problem is a neck, work is being done for melting. Some patients get enduring damage. This is followed by physical treatment. Professor Dr. Hüseyin Okutan says that the helmets that shoot throws and legs can be removed and that circulation can be controlled. If you go late into your mediation, you might lose members, such as your arm or leg.

If you have heart disease

It is said that what is important in patients with embolism to find the cause of the problem. If it is a rhythm mismatch, it is necessary to correct the rhythm, make blood detectors and administer drugs. If the gel infection is caused by embolism and interaction with surgery, it is very important to warn the patient and to do this.


Cardiac disorders are removed "at fibrillation", such as arrhythmia and heart patients. To be protected from harm, it is necessary to check whether such a disease exists. For such illnesses, they should be treated with regular controls, blood vessels and other drugs. In patients who have had an operation as a result of a quiet ban, embodiment may result from the discovery of new boats. Patients should be warned about this issue and should not keep up with regular checks.

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