Diseases that continue to lose a hearing affecting young people

If you say, I can not hear a syniz, "and you may have a loss of loss. Depending on Habertürk Ceyda Erenoğlu's listening spending, sometimes sometimes a problem that occurs slowly Slowly, a hearing loss of 30% or more in continuous frequency is considered to be a sudden hearing loss. Istanbul Nightingale Hospital, United Kingdom Department. Not only does Mehmet Tınaz lose voice hearing suddenly, but also cause and otosclerosis treatment, one of the slower emergencies.


Infectious diseases, traumas, vacancies, tunnels and ear infections are among the causes of being unable to hear. It is noted that the loss of hearing is suddenly reported 5-20 per 100 miles per year and most of which are not recorded. Some patients can get a medical recovery back. This number of two-dimensional illness is about 1-2 per cent in this question, which is equal in men and women. Although the average standard is higher in the 40-54 age group, there is a sudden hearing loss in all age groups; show that the multifactorial disease is.


People with a sudden hearing loss should be critically valued in the ear's ear earphone. The diagnosis, diagnosis and medication start of the patient are seen as a healing factor for the recovery of a hearing. Its first aim is to; at its assessment to be & # 39; reveal a recognized cause of sudden loss of loss. The patient's history can signal some of the risk of hearing loss. Investigations and imagery checks and exams are one of the bids that make a judgment.


The areas that expand the blood will be & # 39; Increase the flow of the blood into the inside ear, and # 39; allowing the ear to be oxygenated. The drugs used in the use of viruses are used in cases where they are used; think that viruses are effective.

Effective oxygen cure is maximized by increasing tension of oxygen in a & # 39; inner ear. In cases where there are no answers between their first 7-10 days with these remedies, the injection will just enter the east.

If there is a help problem and the results of the inspection and test show proof of the way between the left and the ear (which is said to be difficult to prove), Permission may be required for translation. It is noted that 60 per cent of patients have been recalled as a result of the cure. Patients aged under 15 years of age, older than 65 years old; age and who are poorly injured in relation to a center rate disorder, a low level of benefit from a cure.


Otosclerosis is defined as an advanced disease that is characterized by the creation of an unusual bone-respiratory bone device; breaking, one of the three pins in a middle ear (hammer, anvil, motion). How this problem causes it to harm it. However, to ensure healthy listening, the moving bone must move freely. In a normal ear, sound waves will hit the eardrum from the auricle to the mouth of the outer earrings. This earthquake in the timber is broadcast to the hammer, the stream, and a ban is flung near the surface of the membrane in the immediate and fixed membrane; middle ear. Vinegar movement causes a change in glass in the inner ear. So, the cells are sensitive. Hair cells outside or inside ear are stimulated and the nervous listener is in a position; go to the higher centers in the center. Dr Dr. Mehmet Tınaz indicates that otosclerosis is a? most of the mid-century women threatened.


* In the white race, otosclerosis affects 10% of the population and b. middle-aged women are the most dangerous body.

* Short-term loss of short-term loss, usually of otosclerosis, may occur at any time between 15 and 45 years of age.

* It's often started in the 20s.

* It can be seen in two women and women.

* Due to unacceptable causes, the disease progresses faster in women as long as She is pregnant with a child and may harm the hearing loss.

* Around 60 per cent of otosclerosis cases have a genetic impact.

* One person with otosclerosis in one of his parents has a 25% normal risk of developing the same disease. If all parents have the same problem, this level rises to 50 per cent.

I can not hear EYVAH!

The most common signal of slow progressive hearing is to listen. In this question, patients do not often have a? hear the voices or voices. Other objections include; There is a mistake, sympathetic or hearing problems or earmarked in the so-called "Baş" tinnitus. It is suggested that people with these symptoms should consult the otiologist immediately. The exam after exams will be asked for hearing exams. Audience test results in the loss of low behavioral audio, sound waves from the middle ear to the inside ear; shows the difficulty. Based on the results of the test and examination test, the person is proven by "otosclerosis Bu.


Today, the most effective treatment of otosclerosis is the treatment. With the operation of the operation, the progress of disease can be stopped and the hearing can be completely normal. This work is called "ST stapedectomy" with ENT experts. Although it is recommended that hearing aid must be used in patients with no common general conditions for the operation, it should be aware that the hearing aid does not stop its progress; disease. On the other hand, it has been discovered that the use of geri sodium fluoride does not contravene the loss of the hearing; Regardless of data showing that it is a? pull the course of illness.


Generally, general anesthesia in the work, using a lactated microscope, prefers to use; reach a middle ear from the left-wing canal and the mobile shift will be removed and replaced. Many thanks to this blow, adds the animation of the middle ear pillows to her; inner ear and the hearing is improved. The success rate of the approach, which was used since 1956, has over 90 per cent, and often (1 per cent) have made the worst worse. In 80% of the patient, otosclerosis affects each ear. In those patients, the left and left ears are worked in individual sessions and a serious hearing ear has a priority. One ear must wait for at least 3 months for another post after surgery.

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