End of Dinosaurs, Asteroid, Cancer

Inspectors at the University of Warwick said that the chemical element, iridium, could have a major role in cancer treatment. If these tests prove this, the end of the dinosaurs can be a liberation of humanity.

About 66 million years ago, a 16-kilometer distance traveled to a region that is now on Mexican borders and completed the dinosaurs. Scientists, however, believe that the metals in this asteroid can play a major part in cancer treatment.


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Researchers at Warwick University have indicated that the chemical element, iridium, is an essential element for cure. Iridium is a very rare element in the world, but is common in asteroids and meteors. This rare ability is able to communicate with the heart of their cancer cells by a & n; Talk to the albumin called the blood protein.

Scientists learned that the neolus could try to make a fiber laser when the iridium was inserted into the heart. This rubbish produces poisonous oxygen that will killing cancer cells and does not prevent healthy cells.


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According to Professor Peter Sadler, one of the partners in the study, this finding could start a new era in the cancer frontier. "It's amazing that this great protein can get into your cancer cells. Sadler said, very optimistic for these developments.

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