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Facts caused by 7900% increase in Bikeskin back! – The crypto money market began to show signs of a new movement when Bitcoin recovered more than $ 5,200 and huge silver crypto funds, such as Ethereum and EOS, which made huge benefits during the day.

According to the museum owner Jonny Moe, bitcoin is almost breaking the simple 200-day moving average (SMA) for the first time since October 2015.


SMA is considered to be an important technical indicator for determining the long-term movement of a asset or market.

Is Bitconon and Crypto Currency going to Access Level?

After the SMA 200-day cross-section in 2015, BitCoin continued to receive an exact circular measure.

Between October 2015 and December 2017, the Bitcoin price rose to $ 7,900 to $ 20,000 from $ 250.

Almak Since October 2015, BTC is on track to receive its first 20-200 SMA cross. Please note that 2 of these crosses have passed before the increase begins. Generally speaking. I am not the one that certifies and says the full points as at the lowest part, but of course there is a real opportunity for such a solution.

Other indicators, such as the measurement, have shown strong applications for Volcano from the weeks gone by investors in the global market.

On Tuesday, Bloomberg explained that the CME results market this year reached the highest of 22,542 contracts worth about $ 542 million at April 4.

Volume to come

Researchers say that the size of futures times should be taken into account when it is considered that the common market movement of the crypto currency is being considered, as it takes into account a sizeable proportion of the Bitcoin paper measure.

Given that the majority of the trade in the crypto-currency stock market is in contrast to, with the increasing numbers, there are long-term technical indicators such as Cross. The 200-day SMA showed a very good mid-day shift for Balkan, and more recently Priced investors have been confident about their move. gelişu to be informed about developments at the last minute Twitterat follow, Facebook similar to our page Telegram Come with our channel!

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