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Fenerbahce News – Volkan Demirel, Rolls Royce 6 million!

Writer Sabah newspaper Blent Cankurt wrote "Rolls Royce for 6 million pounds."

Fenerbahce Volkan Demirel Cancurt summer lks by car.

Blent Cankurt used the following phrases:

"Volkan Demirel volunteer at Fenerbahce bought a Rolls Royce car worth 6 million TL.

Fenerbahce D employees are unnamed players in one name found in the Volkan Demirel interview. I do not know if Demirel is uploaded to her & # 39; final decision, but I know that you bought a Rolls Royce for 1 million Euros (about 6 million Turkish terraces).

At the weekend of the weekend, Volkan Demirel Bath Wets Black Rolls Royce chose. Aratrnca, as well as the person with the new ricki grdm. This model; He writes that Rolls Royce is the second person. in the profile of a better, more difficult, vibrant and faster image. Kazasz belasz to use inallah … "

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