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Free Free Games 10 Android Games and Applications

For Android users again there was a good news again. For some time, some of the apps and games were free. Here's a list of some of these games and games. You just need to keep your hands fast, repayments will be paid in due course.

Its new year is & # 39; Continue for smartphone users. Play and application sources, due to the discounted deductions in the Google Store Store source at the beginning of their shop. The Playstation, which celebrates Android users with many discounts from the beginning of the year, come in with a new campaign. If you have an Android device, you should definitely confirm this list as this campaign will only be available for a short time.


Ordinary price: 9,99 TL

One of the best video games bids, Total Media Player Pro, is one of the best video games bids for watching movies, live coverage and sports competitions in Android video players in the stores for a short time. You only have two days to win this quality claim without any cost. In this application, where you can free your knowledge, you do not need to download an additional app to keep track of your content. It offers a wide range of features that are easy to use, such as zooming in video, moving to subtitles, and a & # 39; Supporting many extensions such as mp3, mp4, mov, flv, avi.

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BBC Guide

Ordinary price: 26.99 TL

MIDI Voyager Pro in another app is available for free for just one day on the Play Store It's happening. MIDI Voyager Pro, which links music knowledge and karaoke with better words, & # 39; turn to images with unique visual effects. If you are one of the people who want to deal with your music from your phone, you'll find this application that is very popular for just one day.

  • BBC Guide


QR Code and Barcode Scanner – English – PRO

Ordinary price: $ 1.99

This application will be paid in Turkey again within 4 days. This request, which can include the QR codes that work in our daily lives by informing users about what they are doing; Introduced in advance, saving all the information saved such as a fixed connection, business card, text, SMS, phone number to your phone.

  • QR Code and Barcode Scanner – English – PRO


An unfinished paper

Ordinary price: 17,99 TL

Those who like to draw, who want to shape their ideas, creative people, this application is for you. Extinct zoom feature, a size-suited drag with a good environment to bring life to mind, the demand is free for 6 days on the Play Store.

  • An unfinished paper


Number of Completions

Ordinary price: 11,99 TL

Mathematics, physics, chemistry, such as fields of complex numbers and drowning formulas, if you can not work out a whole of these jobs until you do it demand is easy. This isolated calculator makes it possible to work out to make calculations and triangulation in a variety of subjects, and is a very successful helper for students and staff. The app will continue for 7 days, free for users.

  • Computational Number Polar Coimplex Calc


CashKnight (Soul Event Version)

Ordinary price: 37.99 TL

In this article of our list there is an anecdote about a game lover. A fun game is the new version of CashKnight Event of soul, It is available for a short time for free Android users. With new weapons and weapons, the game also allows users to interact with each other. Players who wish to apply for free are only 6 days.

  • CashKnight (Soul Event Version)


Age of campaigns

Ordinary price: $ 1.99

This strategy game, which can be played by one or two, is among the games that enjoy people with rapidly changing gaming movements and a fun structure. Age of Rivals & # 39 ;, where there are 2000 characters with different characters can be played online or online. If you want to take part in the sport, this game will be available for 6 days without cost.

Caveman Chuck Adventure

Ordinary price: 13,99 TL

For those who want platform games, there is time to go to stone age. In this fascinating game where a cave is called Chuck as a main character, you can get acquaintance from time to time. If you want to save Chuck, who lives in a cave with his family, from his wife, who did not succeed in his campaigns, and to save food from his wife, you can play the game Download it for free. Note that this campaign is only valid for 2 days.

  • Caveman Chuck Adventure


The Hunt For The Lost Treasure

Ordinary price: 18.99 TL

Designed by graphics for people who love historical games, this game in the Play Store is free for 7 days. As you explore sheep pirates, ancient templates and beautiful landscapes, you have to solve puzzles in the minds. The game is available in Turkish, In search of Lost Finance You can download both to your phones and records.

  • In search of Lost Finance


The Lonely Hacker

Ordinary price: 18.99 TL

In recent years many hackers have liked to Hacker. Would you like to know about this knowledge in the game? In a game that has a & # 39; including Turkish language choice, as a driver of the only way, you drive with the aim of attracting different games. This very hopeful and varied game is offered to all Android users for free for 7 days.

In the Google Play Store discounting campaign we have recorded some of the useful apps and fun games that we have chosen to you. As the swimmers come into shops, we will continue to & # 39; share your latest news. Continue with Webtekno to avoid free or discounted games and apps.

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