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If you have not yet made a plan for the weekend, you may need to think again, because there are many games, you can download and enjoy Free at these average discounts on Google Play Store. Please check the list of useful applications.

It is a very good year in 2019 for consumers with discounts made by their clients; game and app store. Google Play Store, which makes users happy for the average Friday discounts this week, as well as enjoyable games, have offered some of the offers that are useful to you for free. If your device has an Android operating system, it is useful to view our list. Here are 10 games and great apps that you can download for this completely free.

1. Lecture Notes

Ordinary price: 14,99 TL

If you are a student, you should certainly download the Lecture Notes application. After graduating lessons, you will not lose any information in this lesson with this application that will allow you to complete these sections with written and audio notes. You can also download Lecture Notes from the following link, which allows you to share your notes and recordings with other friends that use the app.

2. Steeple maker

Ordinary price: 1.79 TL

This app is for you if you're tired of using greens ready on WhatsApp. Faclair Maker is easy to use, so you can edit your personal stickers and share with friends. As well as using images in memory of its & # 39; phone, you can download the app that allows you to use "png" images on the internet.

3. Math Plus Ultra

Ordinary price: 17,99 TL

It's another kind of student friendly app on our Math Plus Ultra list. In addition to what science calculations do, you should be sure of your phone. You can download Math Plus Ultra from matrix jobs to graphics 2 and 3-D.

  • Math Plus Ultra


4. Pro-break laser

Ordinary price: 1.99 TL

Laserbreak Pro plays a great deal of pleasure for those who like to play a variety of riddles games, 120 pieces are somewhat tough. Advertising in this version of the game is where you will use TNT, balls, portals, elevators, magnets and other items to guide the laser beams to the target. With HD graphics, you can download the game free from Google Play Store with the link below.


Epic Games Store $ 28 free for a short time

5. Tower Maker

Ordinary price: 1.79 TL

One of the best games for a fun time is Tower Building, making the biggest tower by placing the blocks correctly. There are 9 challenging points waiting to be checked. If you are one of the people who enjoy this type of game, you can download Flood Tower free of charge from the link below.

  • Sunday


6. Question of Vidhuraa

Ordinary price: 6,49 TL

Quest of Vidhuraa is a kind of game in which the old stage of the game is definitely considered. The rescue of the Viruraa family, who grew up with his grandfather, is imprisoned at King Kaala Castle, in 60 different stages. You can download Quest of Vidhuraa for free with its fascinating and easy-to-play music.

  • Quest of Vidhuraa


7. Taxi Driver 2019

Ordinary price: 1.39 TL

Are you ready for a reasonable driving experience? As a taxi driver … The engine is a corporate game in the game, where we are; Collecting money by getting passengers and carrying them, working well. You can download the royalty free by using many cars and you can download it for free.

  • 2019 Taxi driver



Microsoft Breakdown of $ 50 was totally free

8. Dark Tower

Ordinary price: 13,99 TL

By using the keys, you must deal with goblins, bones, magic, vampires and many dangerous aliens in the game. In a game where the keys are not limited, the strategy is very important. You can download the Dark Tower, which is a good example of the RPG world, free of charge from the following link.

9. A vibrant, vibrant snowpaper

Ordinary price: 2,00 TL

If you are one of the singers in a winter season, you should go down the Lovely Snowfall Live wallpaper that brings together a number of games wallpapers together. With mobile switches, special promotional situations and repository changes quickly, you can download the app free from your Android device to the following link.

  • Snowfall wallpaper


10. Win Metal – Icon Pack

Ordinary price: 6,29 TL

Are you tired of the classic images of the applications that you use? If so, you should surely download the Win Metal icon icon. In addition to the style design that looks forward to its fair view, there are more than 4,200 images. Waiting for you in the & # 39; drawing attention to its consistent features. You can download the Wineline icon free of charge on your Android device with its link below.

  • Win Metal – Icon Pack


We have reached the end of the apps list and the games we have chosen for discounted Google Play Store this week. You can share our favorite apps and games with us in the comments section. We will continue to share you with concessionary applications in the coming days. Stay on the way to avoid …

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