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Galaxy Note 7 FE has updated Android update!

In recent months Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition model Android Pie There has been news of the update. Ongoing development several months The Galaxy Note 7 will make the users happy precursory news. t Finally, she came. Galaxy Note 7 FE gets Android update.

Galaxy Note 7 FE will get Android Android update!

Based on the new Galaxy Note 7 FE file, Android Pie is due to start that module. Approximately 1.6 GB update, Android most true draft ONE UI provide an update. To review the new upgrade, select YeniSoftware and refinementSimply just enter the button into the button.

Galaxy Galaxy 7 FE Android Pie

What is the new offer in the One One UI?

Samsung New interface Any UI it aims to simplify and simplify the idea. Mobile phones from Android, Samsung it also gets support in the new interface.

The introduction of the interface meant that the buttons often used in everyday life were put into half of the screen. Now the phones are growing with one hand difficult. t to use have grown. The continuously pressed buttons on the screen are used and in particular one hand make it harder to use. Samsung has taken care of this issue with the new Android Un UI interface and created a major design language line.

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