Gta Online generates $ 1 million in February

GTA Online winners will receive a $ 250,000 weekend weekend.

You can earn 250,000 dollars in the game by logging in to GTA Online every weekend in February. In fact, this feature came to the weekend, but there are still three weeks, if you're a GTA Online player, you may not want to lose this chance.

Even if you missed your first week of the campaign, you can submit the game for the next three weeks and put it in the # 39; your cash record 750,000 dollars. A game system is as follows: the weekend after you enter the game at the end of the weekend there is money in the & # 39; your account. So if you think you have entered the game over the last three weeks, you will have $ 750,000 on your game safe as 2 March.

This initiative can be very suited to those who have not entered the game for a long time. If you have not been playing for a long time, you can submit the game and you can put 250,000 dollars in it; your case and you can try the new Arena War multiplayer mode.


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Also in the next few weeks at Rockstar, Gunrunning, Doomsday and Accident He also pays twice as much money for those who play. Those who wish to play the game can again try these methods.

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