Tuesday , November 19 2019
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He shot at the police, died in hunting.

The evening event took place yesterday in the Sinan Sinan Gebze Community. According to reports, Yunus teams went on the street during a request of two people, a gun that was in danger of stealing the driver's car. A vulnerable driver opened when he was driving the vehicle close to the place where the request was made, police were suspected. Police teams then ran after the carriage.

The suspects, who were trying to take the other vehicle over the car at the time, continued with a fire on the police teams. The police went into the air and asked the suspects to surrender. Ş.P. and the person beside him was taken into prison. Ş.P., which was taken to hospital, died for all the interventions.

In the research, it was decided that 20 records were taken at Ş.P. ripped, stolen and burnt. The inquiry into the event is continuing.

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