He shot his wife 40 years with a cut! Flash development …

The event yesterday took place in the village of Topkapı. It is said that Dursun Yalçın is next to the bedwoman Şaban Yalçın and is repeatedly cutting on the head. Dursun Yalçın, who went to his son Ramazan Yalçı on the top floor, asked for her husband, who had found blood on her bed. Ramazan Yalçın, whom the father saw on the bed, shared with the gendarmerie and health teams. Medical teams from sight at sight, they decided that the death of Şaban Yalçın. An inhospitable body of Yalçın was taken to the Adıyaman Training and Research Hospital for autopsy after the study at the site.

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Jandarma, who began the event, sent Dursun Yalçın and his son Ramazan Yalçın. The Dursun Yalçın, questioned at Gendarmerie's District Headquarters, had admitted the crime was guilty and he said he was struggling against a strong conflict with his man. Dursun Yalçın was transferred to court after the court applied and his son Ramazan Dursun was released.

The funeral of Şaban Yalçın was buried in the tears of Besni in Besni after the autopsy.

Flash enhancement killed by wife 40 years ago  t

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