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He was watching the mirror! Sunay Öztürk is currently laughing

Sunay Öztürk, the mother of two children (41), coined a shark shield on about 9 months ago to boil his teeth.

Ozturk went to a private dental clinic by issuing 10,000 liters from the family with the first retirement pension and 20 teeth from the top and bottom were cut to cover it. After a time to think about the white teeth he saw Ozturk, he came to the same clinic again. According to reports; There was a pain in Ozturk's tooth, but the coating process was made here. Ozturk, who had him in his physician after a few days of pain in his molar tooth, received antibiotics and analogue drugs. Despite the use of drugs, Ozturk does not have the pain lying in it, and molar toothpaste in the other three teeth wanted to pull back. Ozturk drew the teeth in exchange for a signature, they decided to get rid of your pain, but the pain did not stop again.


Then Ozturk, Antalya, Isparta and a visit to doctors in Denizli. To get rid of pain, Ozturk sold its products widely, saw the treatment of several canals in hospitals and continued tooth teeth. Ozturk can't get any results from all of these, to get rid of the pain around his head, agreeing to give all his teeth. About 1.5 months, 32 a woman's teeth unlucky, this time he thought he was going to end your pain again again.

DIAGNOSIS is being used

Ozturk can reduce some pain by the drugs covered by the green order because pianists will not benefit Ozturk, the brain and the nerve that explains the condition. Here he found out that his trigeminal neuralgia ‘, the belly disease that I am not saying, does. Öztürk then went to the brain surgery and his pain was solved after work. He died of his religious days at Ozturk, as well as his heart and blood pressure. The heartbeat of Öztürk's heart was opened because of the problems in its teeth, the supernatural patient.


It was taken to the Faculty of Dentistry at Akdeniz Hospital (AU) and was run on 12 June. Ozturk cut down the nerves in the sectors where the pain was found, she was released after about two weeks of hospital, but the pains were exported but they didn't want to be called.


Sunay Ozturk was adversely affected by psychology and the Ministry of Health was trained. Öztürk, which was taken to hospital at Ankara Gülhane Training and Research Hospital about 8 months ago, was treated in the Department of Neurology. Ozturk pains declined in the first days, it was feeling better and more and more had the psychology of mind.


With the help of pain and treatment, the lowest jaw followed as prisoner teeth injection which was introduced into the toxic Ozturk prosthesis, which was previously administered in Antalya. Ozturk, treating Ankara, brought positive results and said that the old pain, while the pain in the nervous sectors is continuing, says that drug treatment can last for two years.

Ozturk began to let the pain in his right host, reducing Ozturk, "I cut my teeth in my last surgical operation in Antalya, I want to have cut my nerves. pain looks light but it doesn't feel the division of nerves, the paralysis, "he said.

Ozturk said the medicine continues, "A big thank you to my teacher with a big thank you. I'm standing with drugs now for two years that could be treated drugs, I have been using About eight months I hope we have our teacher, "he said.


After 8 months of prosthetic teeth treatment, but the nerves cannot be cut in the section due to pain, showing Ozturk, 1,5 years after teeth, but without the real teeth tooth. the mirror again. I was afraid to look in the mirror Ozturk, this time the smiley, "at least teeth that are fitted. I can only take a little more comfortable. I can't eat everything. I can't eat everything." I'm trying to eat Laughing right now.I am still trying to use, looking at the mirror and laughing even really well.

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