Hisense Stands Air MWC 2019 with a new Smartphone

His familiar white and television product, a dedicated telephone industry has become very strong. The popular mobile phone made by Hisense by the visitors at MWC 2019, especially with its 48-cell camera.

PureView smartphone-Nokia Nokia, the Huawei Mate X and Galaxy Fold MWC 2019, the most exciting devices in the cell phone division. There is a brand that we are not using for a & # 39; seen in the smartphone business outside the big phone businesses also names the new tweed phone at MWC 2019.


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Hisense has oppose white goods and television production. But besides the big technology mottoes, Hisense has been included in the advanced way in the mobile phone division. The brand new mobile phone, the U30, is one of the most prestigious cameras among all smartphones introduced at MWC 2019.

Looking forward to & # 39; paper, the S30, which looks forward to other smartphones, has started with the establishment of two cameras. One of the sensors is used for depth and has a 5PP resolution. The main feature is its main camera. A total holder of 48 MPs has an U30 camera camera. The front camera of the machine also appears to be higher compared to other messages. A 30-pence resolution of 20 MPs has a resolution.


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During the event, U30 has the chance to try out with the two sensors at the position of the # 39; behind, which is very fast to focus on objects and environments. In addition, the device can even record the quality of images when it's two to do it; to continue. In addition, the mode of hunting panoramic and the beauty of some of the hunting modes that are included in the camera.

Those who knew the S30 said they would have their best camera in the MWC 2019. Big messages such as Huawei, Samgung must be perfect for Hisense.

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