I can sell all the Bitcoins, the nostalgia that they are doing.

Bitcoin block size, a question that has been widely discussed between the Bitcoin community, and even forks such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV has appeared.

Bitcoin's size is reduced to 300 KB bir by the developer Bitcoin, Luke Lashjr, has recently inspired these talks and many of the community's players have begun to express their views on this case.

The Dashjr tweet about this is as follows:

. For replacing Bitcoin, we need to reduce the size of the blocks. The block chain has passed the size of the size; many people can give up, and the situation is getting worse

Bitcoin.com CEO and BCH's principal advocate, Roger Ver, said Bitcoin.com opposed Dashjr's recommendation to his latest post on YouTube.

Video video Roger Verna commented:

Ler I hope that Dashjr and those who look like it will reduce how the block is 300 KB. If they do, I sell more bitcoins. More. I can even sell all my BTCs at this time. What they do. Bunlar

Nochd developer Bitcoin Cash and also its name behind Wallet and Bitbox, Gabriel Cardona in this video and against Dashjr's comment. Cardona's argument opposed to & # 39; reduce blockage to adversely affect the user.

Cardona said:

Mek Crazy error would reduce the block level. This is only a bad badge. Better solutions are available. Understanding is fundamental at a deep level. Burada

On the other hand, John Carvalho, a famous figure in the money-crypto community, contributed his partnership in Dashjr's Twitter comment:

Boyut I agree with Dashjr about reducing the size of the block. We need a step into the Lightning Network. I'm going to run a room room. Yumuşak

Cobra, co-founder of Bitcoin.org, wrote about this tweet.

"Stop this foolishness! Bitcoin's ultimate thing is a banned objection to general acceptance in such an important year. It's a hard move to go to. to the soft password to reduce the size of its block, just the name is different. This is a shared division and a & # 39; damaging trust in Bitcoin

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