Lack of arthritis in a chronic, a cause of depression

The Institute of Flemish Biology (VIB) in Belgium and the Lebanese Catholic University are exploring stool examples of over 5,000 volunteers from 2012.

Depending on what is in the BBC; Within the range of the Intleminal Flemish Flora Project, the movements of unhappy or sad people's behavior were investigated. According to the study, there was a connection between flower and mystery.

Lack of arthritis in a chronic, a cause of depression


Dr Dr. Fleming Biological Institute Dr. Jeroen Raes, in people with depression, found that there are fewer intestinal drugs in happy people, he said.

According to the Belgian professor, especially in secret bacteria & Dialister & # 39; and Coprococus & # 39; many bacteria are bad. These two drugs are the common feature that they make to light; blocking substances in the disease.

Dr Dr. Raes, "This is really interesting, because of other research, we know that lung is related to the loving of the strange system." He says.

Lack of arthritis in a chronic, a cause of depression


The Flemish expert says, therefore, that there is an intense connection between dementia.

Belgian researchers show that the relationship between plants and dementia is proven. However, investigation of a causal link continues.

Dr Dr. Raes, according to the tests in mice, says that the divine torch causes change in behavior. That is, the change in the intestinal torque causes depression.

Flemish researchers have developed a computer-based way to identify bacteria that can interact with the strange human system.

Now, how does flower affect human behaviors? Experts believe that bacteria from virus can be used as future medicines and bacteria that are lost in patient patients can be filled up so the disease can be treated.

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