Last changes back Fanatic

Fenerbahçe has been experiencing a major problem in similar games in the last two weeks because he was unable to compete against the opponent with high pass traffic.

Fenerbahce can not save the game with individual shows. The player has a quality balance. The use of players such as Hasan Ali, Dirar, Isla, Ayew, Jailson may be possible with their two kyomakla. Last week, the rate of 500% to 85% hit its level of punishment with effective access to the # 39; affecting their game. Yesterday Hikmet Karaman made a tight message to stop this. The invaders got a good defensive rhythm. They have lost a team to a Lateral team. Fenerbahce had to be running back forever. They spent a lot of energy. Volkan had to hit long, but they could not collect the second member.

Kayseri was worthy of it. Karaman's plan broke the 2-week dream.

Star match

You refer to Umut Bulut with a & # 39; the easiest power that has existed. As in the last 15 years, every big game, especially in the Fenerbahce game was the incredible tough power. His team responds. Fenerbahce did not miss the ball. Next to it, we can write on Mensah, which does not just give its talent in the # 39; midfield. The only obstacle that he is a football player is good is not good. He changed his presentation of some of his skills to many things.

Match event

Soldado has a red card and later moves back the team. According to Moses, they can not build a game. His presence was not worth it. Frey is hard to tell him. It was also lower than a strange point to bring the ball to the stop. Elif opened a Kayseri road to a terrible loss of death. Fenerbahce Yanal in every change to go back.

Text messaging

Alper Ulusoy is the leader of the rates that are not comfortable in the league. I do not talk about the soldier's decision. I can not believe that he stole feathers and carts so uneasy. Just look at Frey's yellow card and then you'll blood on Vacela on the face of Moses with his shoulder. You know what we say.


Konyaspor and Besiktas. 2 traveling master's team. Let's see what happens.

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