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Last minute … Ömer Çelik: Our job is to protect the right of every citizen to vote.

The AK Party Omer Celik 31 March spokesman makes local elections linked to the party's headquarters making important statements.

Here are Çelik's main points:

The level of engagement is a reason for demonstrating the commitment of our valuable citizens to democracy. We have paid a good price to build and strengthen this democracy. Nationalists who carried out their primary ministers and ministers through close periods. We sacrificed young young men.

We have shown the world how we have been struggling against a Fetullahist terrorist group. We have the livelihood and the strength of our democracy that must be more precise. We can assess our citizens' decision on the ballot box and the decision of our citizens on the vote.

When we look at the huge costs of reaching a democracy, the voting accounts, we are proud of our political road map that has overcome its difficulties and emergencies through the ballot box, and her step through the ballot box.


I must see this in the board that comes out of it. We respect our nation above all. The AK Party is a struggle for this democracy. Our citizens have a role to play in our heads. The complaint mechanisms are used by all the political parties where they believe the election results are close.

In the elections, an assessment of material errors, motions and invalid votes can be made.

When we look at Ankara and Istanbul, it should be noted that the results of polls and the differences in the death records actually count.

These natural complaints are natural to resolve this anomaly. If there is a disagreement, it is a common practice that is used for many years to be relevant to this lawful center. This method is now used. This approach is important for getting all of the sharp games that our citizens have thrown at it.

This is a very important way of finding each game in the chest. Because the ballot box is a political honor for democratic politics. We have a duty to protect this respect.

The political parties in the campaign were spending a lot of time. Political parties carried out their work for them. The last decision authority is our country. He used his game to give his instructions with high morals with 85%. In a few places, we see the selection process as a fear for politicians, it is part of a joy. This is a fantastic opportunity and value.

We all tried to get to our country by walking on the streets, areas, streets. As a result, the ballot box was produced, our citizens guided us. Now there is a process to clearly see these guidelines. Our job is to read these results properly.

The last decision authority is our country. It will be said to be true. It is a process where the teaching of the country can be taught.


All together Turkey knows some names and focuses on the enemy, we have to make these statements because of the increase in the amount of provocations.

YSK has a natural process. The inspiration, especially social media, is reappearing again at our perception of wound injuries. Everyone has responsibility for this. He is known as the enemy of Turkey, asking them to Stumble, trying to know descriptions of people wounded against Turkey that we are doing our account. You see the action, the sight and the action that we had as a good fortune.

It's also irregular that people name early results get a panic view of the event. Everyone should play the game. Voting is a political vote.

As far as everyone should respect. The process is healthy. Despite the consequences, our country's direction is to say, we will take pride in our heads and respect. It is our duty to protect the rights of all voting citizens and is the sacrifice of our party. This is the 15th time the main benefit. We are the party that won the ball for 15 hours.

It is not possible for us to follow glory without reason. It is not a party that will need in any way. Both the AK Party have, as a result of this result, have made our party, 1. In the same way, the President has spread the Alliance. We will manage this process in a common way. Complaints will be made and the process proceeds.

Party President AK has put down the concept: We have no power over their national will.

This study is very common in Ankara and Istanbul. In silence a treat is expected. We also respect the outcome.

We are encouraged to see exciting ways abroad. We criticize them.

As a result, the result will be clearer and we will see the result as part of the selection process.


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