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"Life is still and poor confidence enhances the heart attack"

Despite the fact that diseases of cardiovascular and heart disease are now slower with the diagnostic and treatment procedures that have been developed over the last thirty years, Özlem said that it is still a " The first cause of death in the world and in our country. Dr. Ümit Yüksek said that many reasons are related to his / her; cardiovascular obstacle and that many of these factors can be prevented.

After a certain age, it is not possible to expect the heart attack to the after-going people, for this, healthy eating and healthy life are of the importance s he is to respond to the principles to draw attention to the principles.

To evaluate the risk factors that are under severe heart vessels and heart attack. Umit High, high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, advanced age, especially in the family, and especially in the first step, are relatives of history to prevent cardiovascular life, non-religious life and poor confidence are among the most significant risk factors that are; encouraging a heart attack. Dr. Ümit Yüksek em Chan we can influence the presence of the history of cardiovascular obstacles in the elderly and the family. But we can control all the dangers outside this.

The weight of blood over 14 to 9 is a long-term risk of severe cardiovascular impairment. So, it is very important to keep blood pressure under this value. Sometimes blood pressure does not give any marks. Therefore, blood pressure is essential to measure from the 30 years. If the person has a person's flu, the blood pressure of the person with drugs that face a big increase should be lower than those values. Free salt diet can also help reduce blood pressure. Tuz

Not only are patients suffering from extreme tolerance, but also those with normal blood pressure, older people should not keep the amount of salt up to 5 grams per day to avoid patient evacuation. ; it could be heavy. Dr. Ümit Yüksek said salt should not be added to the vessels, and salt foods such as salt cheese or potatoes should be avoided.

A definition that many diseases that can affect the heart vessels are at the heart of the blood vessels, and Increasing heart failure risk. Dr. Ümit Yüksek: yağ said It is important that people who have too much weight, especially those with too much fat, or who have a diabetic illness in the blood glucose measurement, should be consistently their family. If the diabetes is not restricted or the insulin resistance has been proven, it is more likely to develop diabetes in the future It is possible to protect this situation by Changing to healthy eating tips and at least five days a week by walking or fun like that for ten minutes a day. This reduces the heart attack risk

In recent years, a very high level of cholesterol in our country is also a source of inspiration for the heart attack. Dr. In a high cholesterol case, the risk was from a three-foot heart attack. "The most dangerous type of cholesterol, called LDL cholesterol is very close," he said. Dr. Ümit Yüksek: col After a severe intense cholesterol, the risk of triglyceride is at risk and low cholesterol is called HDL. If these values ​​are outside the normal range, sometimes they need medication. People in this situation should be healthy and active. Cholesterol correction will reduce the risk of heart reduction. There are bad adverse effects of poor coloidal colorants. Benefits, in particular to reduce heart risk, are certainly more than the dangers, said Kalp.

Smoking is seen as the main cause of heart attack, especially at a young age. Dr. Hope High, a heart attack or a type of cancer or lung disease should not wait to be caught. High Benzer 40 years after age 40, the risk of a heart problem is a? The risk is that strong medicine is strong for drugs and trying to get people out there. stop smoking. So it's best to check your heart before you're 40 years old. If your family has a heart attack at a young age, if your cholesterol is too high, if you are too heavy or if you smoke too much, you need to check it out earlier. Your recommendations will allow you to endanger your heart attack, even if your vessels are not blocked.

Life is still, badly damaged and obesity is one of the important things that increase the risk of heart attack in modern times. Now, many people are sitting, working from home and so on; reduce their movements throughout the day. With this situation, the people of the nutrition scheme also said, according to the old man that the changes are. Dr. Follow Ümit Yüksek on the following words: et Today, fast-moving food prefers instead of a brilliant home sweets. In the evening, you can go home late and eat slowly. In addition, many of us have breakfast at the place of place instead of being able to go. breakfast in the bed. All these things invite the heart boats. As a result, unfortunately, things of heartset are at a young age. Bun

Start to start the day with breakfast. Dr. Ümit Yüksek said that breakfast should be avoided with flour and sugar. A definition that people as well as diabetic should be able to; Stop eating dish all the time. Dr. Ümit Yüksek said three food was enough enough. Rio. Dr. The evening meal should be completed by 8pm at the latest.

The reason for this is that the metabolism is ready for sleeping and slowly after that. If it is essential to eat outdoors in the countryside or at work, it is important to select legal food again and avoid fast food. Olive oil, the most healthy fat in food should be better. The food should be restricted to two bread rods and to avoid the white bread. The medium rye bread or whole wheat bread should be used. Throughout the day, people who are always sitting should do at least ten minutes of twenty minutes of fun day or fun sport. With five times a week, the risk of heart attack has been reduced by 30% in five years.

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