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Maybe we could do the bottom of the screen, but we didn't

Huawei, the Chinese mobile phone's manufacturer, didn't need to be at the bottom of the smartphone screen but Huawei wanted it to be.

How the smartphone design has been successful, and so the scenic vision, as a result of survey surveys, is one of the most important criteria that we will take into account when selecting them. Huawei, who has recently joined a telephone phone department in recent years, is one of the companies which put a thick frame at the bottom of a smartphone screen.


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The reason we quote Huawei is the definition of his Chief Executive. Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei: "We could have made a lower share." The thickness of their smartphones says at the bottom of the screen as thick, they said. He added that the word of his words was not only for the name of the message, but also for other works.


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Huawei says that other users could accidentally hit other areas if the lower part was covered tightly and said that users could use their smartphones in a more comfortable way. But users complain hugely about using Huawei heavy frames on their smartphones, and devices from other smartphones are actually accidentally ignored.

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