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Microsoft CEO supports Apple on privacy

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, Apple Chief, Tim Cook, agrees with the privacy description.

Although Microsoft is not a smart smartphone company, it is part of today's business that is a offers a range of services across the mobile eco-system. This is due to the fact that Microsoft Chief Executive, Satya Nadella, is so active in the Mobile World 2019 (MWC) Transport.

It's the very interesting point about what he said in a speech at his & # 39; Conference how good it is to do & # 39; Think of what Apple's about confidentiality. For example:

  • Nadella has won a secure and accessible vision privately with a wide range of customer interface, touch, talk, vision and more. Apple's vision is responsive to them.
  • The Microsoft CEO also examined how folded information (AI) has been carried out in many services. This is passing Siri, but Apple's platforms also have a & # 39; Supporting emerging business information systems. For this, we can look at Salesforce. . AI is acquainted with everyone, N says Nadella.
  • Like Cook, Nadella warns of the unnecessary effects of technological developments.
  • Like Apple, Microsoft is trying to protect its customers against these results. Nadella said, "We ask hard questions about what computers can do, but what computers should be done." He says.

Indeed, Microsoft and Apple protect their identity very differently, but the two operators of the world's wider operating system agree on value and privacy.


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Head of Microsoft, "So we believe that human sovereignty is the fundamental human right." he said. "That's why we are a priority for security protection, not just for the largest companies, but also for small businesses and consumers who are more vulnerable to celestial attacks."

Nadella does not say that for her first time. In 2018, he made such statements. Apple & Cook in 2018 warned European leaders of the cost and productivity of the decline of confidentiality.

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