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Who is MOLİER?

Jean-Baptiste Poquelin more Molière (15 January 1622 – 17 February 1673), drama drama and French actor.

Moliere was the son of a furniture man who made up the palace floor. He studied at the College of Clermont, one of the best schools in Paris. In 1643, he established a drama company named lllustre-Theâtre and chose Moliere as his first name.


L & # 39; Etourdi ou les contretemps held in Lyon (1655), Le Depitamoreux (1676), and Le Depitamoreux (1654), played in Beziers. i. Love, 1876; It is the first successful production of Moliere and the King XIV Convention in the Louvre Palace in 1658. Mrs. Nicomede's Comeom & , played on the front of Louis. Moliere wrote his first play, Les Precieuses ridicules, who was considered the first largest comedy of the next year and was held in Paris (Dudukuşları, 1876; Gülünç Kibarlar, published in 1943 ). This is a playground, which is about two young rural girls who take care of behaviors and behaviors; societies, his first work of Moliere's main themes in all his work; Here, Moliere had to deal with it as sadly as she was. The difference between the superiority of the social rules and the basic behavior was.

In 1661, the group of Moliere moved to the palace at Palais Royal, built by Cardinal Richelieu as a theater building. All the "Paris" games of Moliere would be held here.

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In 1662, the famous playoff L 'Ecole des femmes (the Medeniye women's play, 1876, the female Women's School, 1941) created a first night crack. The listeners and authorities thought they had a humorous humor that had no respect for any value. The play was about a man who feared women, so he wanted to marry a young girl who was not very clean. At the end of the game, the man fell in love with his friend; his wife, but he was silent because he did not know how to make love and his. going to women as her sweetheart. Moliere responded to criticizing the play in 1663 with one-acted plays called La Critique de L & # 39; Ecole des femmes (The Critique of Women's School, 1944) and L & # 39 ; lmpromptu de Versailles (Versailles Tuluatı, 1944). The first is a & # 39; show a comedy feeling, the second, the sitting room of the actress and the level behind the rehearsal, he spoke with a realistic view. Moliere married Armande Bejart in 1662. He had three children, but only one.

Le Tartuffe, which was held in 1664, gave a greater noise than the Women's School in the photograph imp impiate (Tartilig, 1876 and Riyan in Encamı, 1881; Tartuffe, 1944). The game was hampered by the church's weight and it was not possible to play again in 1669. Tartuffe, acting as a consultee and trainer, threw her into a burgundian home and was It was based on the minds that were in place; look at the chanting.

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Despite imposing Moliere Tartuffe, the most exciting play, Dom Juan, founded by Festin de Pierre (Don Civani, 1876, Don Juan, 1943). Don Juan was a normal warrior at the Moliere, who did not recognize an independent legacy debt or obligation and would hearken to God and give him God's duties. But his servant Scanarelle was in any way against his master by his own behaviors, his heart and pleasure. These two warriors can be seen the same as French Cervantes and Don Quijote and Sancho Panza. Don Ouijote's tune has been replaced by something Don Juan. At the end, Don Juan will be sent to hell for his support, but in the meantime he was entertained to the audience and revealed that crime.

In 1666, Moliere Le Misanthrope, one of his most successful plays (Adamcıl, 1876, Man Escaping from the Man, 1976) founded. Alceste is a hero of the comedy; a kind of new one that was not like anyone, but he did not know himself.

One of the most famous plays by Moliere, L & A, Avare (Cimri 1938, 1991) was first established in 1668. The work was written in a poem similar to a poem. This game, in which the traditional traditional patterns were converted, was not previously used because it appeared against the heroes in a tough and manifest style. The ambition of the fighting money came to a unique, unique, religious end to their knowledge, even openly, in some scenes of the game. Later, though Goethe Cimri suggested that it was a sadness, not a comedy, this interpretation could be considered. Due to the fact that the fundamental deprivation of the comedy is against the unincorporated aims of humans and people's minds, but it also does. appear here, but Moliere does not listen to the audience; Feeling not awful, but awesome and amazing.

George Dandin, who played Moliere in 1668, has been regarded as a Persian for a long time. According to some current critics, Moliere may be the most striking, most attractive. The comedy hero, Dandin. It's a humorous thing that's a bit; Admitted to the foolish one, but he suggests that he is gliocaid in this world where everything is done; go wrong that does not work It is considered correct, but it can not prove that it is correct.

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Moliere's health has declined after 1669. Despite this, Le Bourgeois, who was regarded as a superintendent in 1670, has succeeded in establishing, gentilhomnıe species (Peasant Asilzade and Bourgeois Jantilom, 1927; Politeness Bud, l937 / Duchess Elegance, 1938 / Ne Oldum Delisi, 1968). This is one of the happiest and most pleased comedies of Moliere. Jour-dain, a key player in the middle class and the attempts of a class was My class, which likes to & # 39; class, and, with his words empty and unimportant, his words in words were not enough, he was generous, but also his / her; tomorrow.

Despite her illness, Moliere kept three most important plays in the last few years: Les Fourheries of Scapin (1944), founded in 1671, Les Femmes savantes (founded in 1672. Ladies in Reading, 1876; Bilgic Woman, 1944) and Le Malade (1940. 1982). This final game was disturbing the medical profession and doctors' knowledge, along with sick patient clans who were scared of dying and doctors. On the third night of the game, Moliere suffered fatigue and died shortly after he was taken home.

Moliere was also influenced as an actor. The characters of his plays play a record of actors who play in the game. his theater mower. He has often appeared in roles such as a fast-paced man, a servant, a deceased, bourgeoisie slim, and an elderly man, Moliere. She is a teacher to make it easy to make play material in life, even in customs. That's why most games have middle mood; The model does not have a pre-ordered game, it will be a & # 39; make the game or the type of people he / she gets in play at the moment. For example, with Le Mariage in action (1664; Dissolved marriage marriage 1871; Implementation of an emergency marriage, 1933 / Approved Marriage, 1944 / Hard marriage, 1970), to doubt the marriage of the novelist writer at Rabelais, Panurge. Le Medecin malgre lui (1666), a gamekeeping game, 1876; a compulsory lawyer, a compulsory physician, 1970) from a median tale about a forest tree chosen by a doctor to get rid of the knockout. Games and events are often only a start-up device. In these speeches, the people who play it; reveal uncertainty, meaninglessness or disagreement in the opinion and words of each other. The roles are changing regularly, the interesting person will grow the fool, and the fool will go; becoming a spokesman on deep signage. For this reason, Moliere's playgrounds are seen as a reasonable advocate for Moliere. It permits a very modern concept for Moliere's comedy age to ideas forward. If there is a word or event, all sorts of rationality are higher than the limits although it makes us smile, according to Moliere here with the fool always changing silly feeling.

Moliere was not a professional writer or literature based on classical and modern age. He wrote his plays not to be printed but for immediate play.

Much of Moliere's works were translated into Turkish and many of his works were carried out in the 1870s. Among them. George Dandin at Ahmad Vefik Pasha had changed from Yorgaki Dandini (1872) and his encouragement changed from The Disease Patient (1876) and Memo (1874), adapted by Teodor Butcher by Le Cocu imaginaire (1660). He also changed Cimri as Teodor Butcher Pinti Hamid (1873), Ahmed Vefik Pasha Azariah (1876), Scapin Lockers as Director of Ali Bey Ayyar Hamza (1871), and Ahmed Vefik Pasha as Dekbazlik (1876) .

Other Works:

Halifax media by (1655; Hekim Fly, 1943).

La Jalousie du Barhouitle (1655; Jester Jealousy, 1943),

Dom Garcie de Navarre, ou le prince jaloux (1661; Don Garcie de Navarre no Jealous Prince, 1949),

L & # 39; Ecole des maris (1661; Kocalar Mektebi player, 1876; Kocalar School, 1944)

Les Fâ-cheux (1661; Neo-rituals of 1946).

L & # 39; Amour Review (1665; tabib-i-play game, 1876; Seville health in 1943),

Le Sicilien ou l & # 39; Amour Peintre (1667; Sicilia no Resimli Muhabbet, 1944).

Amphitryon (1668; Amphitryon, 1943),

Monsieur de Pourceaugnac (1669; Man of Children Twenty, 1880; published by Monsieur de Pourceaugnac, 1943),

Les Amants magnifiques (1670; Şanlı Minstrels, 1950),

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