Tuesday , November 12 2019
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Musicians singing Elon Musk

A group of Tesla owners opposed Tesla's Chief Executive, Elon Musk for his antisocial behavior on Twitter. The group of investors says that these burdens harmed their electric cars company and its shareholders.

Michael Barry, the law industry manager who handled the case against Elon Musk, said CNET as he said: "Mr Musk has always been taking into account the effort he has to stop the misconduct of material on social media. Attention of federal court decisions, agreement with the SEC, and even his own corporate policies requiring introductory screening of some of his tweets. "


Elon Musk can not complete Russian rocket engineering

As a result of the lawsuit sent by the Securities and Exchange Commission last year, Tesla needed to make necessary modes for the department of the Musk department and to avoid bad incidents.

In fact, Musk's strange behavior continued in social media. In fact, the final photographer was put in, along with the body's face of Dwayne Johnson. Although this does not appear to be a problem for ordinary users, shareholders do not think that.


Again, Elon Musk will meditate the world, Tesla CEO will be removed from the situation

Michael Barry made his comments by saying: "Musk's behavior not only costs many Tesla shareholders, but also threatens more responsibility and future disruption."

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