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Price Price Samsung Galaxy S10 features

The website of the Indian technology site has the Galaxy S10 series tag. So Samsung will maintain the prices of the Galaxy S10 models under the 2018 model iPhones.

Less than 10 days after entering the Galaxy S10 family, the US technology site, 91 phones, showed the Galaxy S10e Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 + price tags. As the prices are in Indian Ribbon, we can only say the approximate price of the global price of the tools.

The Galaxy S10 series price is as follows;

  • Galaxy S10e – 50,000 Indian Sleep – ~ 700 Dollars
  • Galaxy S10 – 65,000 Indian Sleep – ~ 900 Dollars
  • Galaxy S10 + – 75,000 Indian Sleep – ~ 1050 Dollars


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Also, according to the information that will be broadcast with the 91 mobile phones, 4,000 Indian Running is the difference between different RAMs and storage versions of the tools. This means that there will be a price difference of around 400-500 TL in our country. However, this ratio may vary with a difference to exchange rate and the profit profits based.

The iPhone model iPhone XR online was at a reasonable price, $ 750 to buy with a price tag. The general model, the iPhone Xs, $ 999, is the iPhone Xs Max that meets customers with a $ 1099 price bid. If we compare Samsung prices with Apple prices, we can say that The giant of South Korean technology trying to click on Kor to make it easier for users.


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91 phones also shared information on the Galaxy S10 sales date. Accordingly, the Galaxy S10 models will be launched on 6 March in India. The machines are sold on sale in India March 15. Unfortunately we are still selling in our country.

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