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Recognized agreements and changing circumstances


Recognized agreements and changing circumstances

Saturday, April 13, 2019

At the beginning of next week, Başakşehir can be found in Şampi … Ön, the league can start a completely different situation. I didn't get evidence for a week I could be allowed to stop for a number of years. In 2006, the Galatasaray competition could be an example, or the Burspor competition for 2010. But these remarkable events have taken place in the past week. This time we will introduce the 28th week of mathematical calculation.

You'll notice that we have a very interesting season in the Super Toto Super League (STSL). We're in week 28. This is a combination of two games that can be played at this weekend. Think about a shooting game, and you are the primary actor in the film. You'll remember the film script and play in the shooting process. When everything goes through the normal flow of life, you finish with the end that you don't expect in the last corner. Even your situation in the film is changing. You start the film as the lead actor and finish the film as a supporting actor. This is a 28-week Super League. If you can solve a complete equation with four people you don't know!

This week's games are as follows:

Please add this to the game:
Bursaspor – Trabzonspor

The results of these teams are as follows:
1 – Basaksehir (61)
2 – Galatasaray (55) t
3 – Besiktas (51)
4 – Trabzonspor (46)
13 – Fenerbahçe (32)
15 – Bursaspor (28) t

Now we go through this data, we can expect different circumstances when this weekend ends. We have completed the introductory section, we can take our regulators T, ruler, pencil and scissors and start cutting away.

Oidhche Bakakehir, Besiktas, is defeated at Vodafone Park what is happening? Let's say that we can imagine that Başakşehir is 70 before the French game, Fenerbahçe-Galatasaray is played. Well, Başakşehir, Besiktas beats and Fenerbahce, Galatasyy what happens if he meets? The league ends with the shortest and simplest one. If conditions change, there will be a number of different impacts. Başakşehir is the hero. Galatasaray is also going down in history as a big session in the loss of Galatasaray. Fatih Terim, perhaps he will leave the end of the season. By leaving some difficult financial contributions that suffer an abuse of the administrative image, the Galatasaray seat will be shaken and there may be early elections. Fenerbahce, the struggle to fall off the seat, will have saved the season and coach Ersun Yanal may continue on his duty for the next season. Besiktas is already in the middle. However, in keeping with this situation the quarter may finish second instead and go to the Champions League.

Now we thought of a different situation that could be there. What happens if Besiktas affect the main Basaksehir? Then the weight of the Bible begins, which is played on Sunday in two steps. Imagine made Galatasarahce a case in Kadikoy, which changes the league status at one time. The difference between the points at Galatasaray, Başakşehir, which has been played up to three teams that will play a game among them. Since Galatasaray is going in a different atmosphere, it 's possible for Galatasaray to reach the competition. The ability to speak about it will not have an impact on Beşiktaş in the league. How does it affect Fenerbahce? I think this situation can be concluded with the coach of Ersun Yanal Yans. 20 years later, Fenerbahce, Kadikoy Galatasaray, suffered a severe effect in the season through a bad season, and this team can make a real impact. With this unrest, it may be inevitable that the sub-cities will be more likely to follow the pull of the league. Here is the chance to play Borsaspor-Trabzonspor. Bursaspor Fenerbahce might be missing, Trabzonspor is hit by the team to be on fire.

Bursaspor-Trabzonspor is the same equivalent to this equation. Let's say he did against Besiktas, Trabzonspor also beat Bursaspor. Trabzonspor second place in the second place of the accounts Tha Besiktas is a different place points having been considering two things. This may be the place where the league will enter fourth. Trabzonspor will be written to anyone at the beginning of the season giving any opportunity so far to young staff and Unal Karaman.

All of the possible equations and conditions may be in Besiktas. Because of one method or another, the coach will leave at the end of the season. Club Besiktas already going to the election. So in the process of change. After a month, even a leader of Besiktas could be left on the coach. The dramatic situation in this story is the Fenerbahce team. Why? Since you're considering the competition for Başakşehir and Galatasaray. Fenerbahce has the worst season in history. Ali Koc, who was elected as the president of a massive voting vote and a “gas” for speaking, has been making a profile of the Fenerbahce club since the beginning of the season. The supporter of Ersun Yanal, said the president said this understands from your vision? Dan and Damien Comolli and Cocu took up the post. Cocu, clicking for the supporter of Ersun Yanal, said the president, failed and we don't work with Ersun Yanal "and we decided to continue with his colleague Koeman." He set out the body that also sent Ersan Yanal. the football world in Turkey is very strange.

Fenerbahce, the recent fashion by Besiktas. FEDA A project similar to the project 'Lan Lantern' launched the project. I think it's a really good project. We can say that grants are going well. Fenerbahce this week as Galatasaray might be losing his grasp, this may affect the course of non-employment Be Lantern i. As I said above, this situation not only includes Ersun Yanal's cooking role, but he can also make an extraordinary decision to vote for the Yukarıda secret ballot. So this week's games change things that are available.

What happens if these three games come to an end in a drawing? What is it. In this case, only Başakşehir closed the week financially. Because he keeps the difference between the points and leaves behind a more challenging challenge. In other words, it is one step closer to the competition. In these cases, the dangerous crew will go to Galatasaray. Why? Although Fatih Terim and Galatasaray are leaving behind without feeling lost, the week is supposed to take Başakşehir empty. In other words, the difference with the competition leader is still six points, but it is one step further.

We are very much looking at an equation with many unknown people this weekend. At the beginning of the week, Başakşehir bir Şampi, ”, the league may be able to start a completely different situation. I didn't get evidence for a week I could be allowed to stop for a number of years. We saw this kind of thing in the last week. In 2006, the Galatasaray competition can be an example of this year's Bursaspor competition, but this has been a great success over the last week. This journey we will introduce strange mathematical calculations on the 28th week. Someone else will complete and go back to okey ol or the stones will be re-distributed.

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