The contestant Lerzan Mutlu and Pínar Eliç decided to live their games

Pínar Eliçe was the guest of his guest; on the 2nd page program published in Kanal D yesterday and said that his program has been completed by Lerzan Mutlu who made the same program for the same channel for many years.

"I can not hurt her where I was"

Lerzan Mutlu, who was the guest of the same program, said following these statements: "I do not harm anyone who has been hurt because I do not give anyone else who is & # 39; suffering because of this. " Lerzan Mutlu, who describes the event from his mouth, commented on the events on their day of conversation: "I think I had the star on the day I was my guest. " I came straight to the direction and I want to go, they said they have made their choices. But she was not a dear friend; and I do not want to rest my life. place; The reason for my mother is "Bülent Ersoy," he said his words.


After Lerzan Mutlu expanded the oil to broadcast live on a petroleum, he said he did not; Its aim is to bring up what happened in the years.

Pínar Eliçe: What have been told about the channel's administration that Lerzan does not want & # 39;

Lerzan Mutlu: I went to the directors and said that I wanted to go and let me go down, I'm sorry if I broke out of course, but I believe, I'm not sorry to break my heart.

P.E: I heard from our friends that I was a good woman with a belief in Allah and a good woman, but I'm sorry. move through what I'm going through.

L.M: I do not want to hurt anyone from the place I was wounded, I am a person who sleeps well comfortably when I put on her; pillow.

P.E: And I want you to be good.

L.M: It's not an angry woman, I want you to meet you and explain my excuse

"I did not buy my dog.

P.E: I'm not sorry, I'm saying hello to you, you did not take my husband, I did not get your person! I would like to thank you for this quality, which is very good, as I do not walk.

L.M: Nothing is more important than human heart. Here is a theme that I was comfortable when it comes to a place that I promise to come to; to see

P.E: It was very good to clarify this. Let us be united, be beautiful, we will praise you in places where we also welcome you; thank you to Lerzan

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