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The number of people HIV diagnosed in Turkey has increased 10 times

Events are organized all over the world on December 1 of each year to raise awareness of AIDS, to support people who are HIV-related and to remember those who have died due to this disease. Subject & # 39; Know your Status & # 39; This year will be clarified and emphasis will be placed on the status of the person. Great progress has been made to date in the AIDS range, but over 60 per cent of HIV-confident people do not know HIV-resistant, according to data from 10 countries.

10 CAT FÀS in Turkey

2 in 2017 people in 2017 reported the number of HIV diagnosed as in Pakistan's last 10 years to detect HIV on infections that have increased 10 goals.

The population of HIV is judged in Turkey in the surrounding countries. This is the danger to Turkey.

Early diagnosis is very important for the treatment of all diseases, but her & her; The first way to prevent more pollution from a cure in HIV is to be determined.

However, at the end of the second half of HIV in Turkey, 30% of the most advanced level of judgment.

AIDS is a disease that causes HIV-related HIV deficiency. It can be deduced to sex, by moving blood, by informal splitting or from mother to child.

The number of cases of HIV reported in 1985 shows that there are 17 884 thousand in Turkey until 2018.


The Word Even Human Imagination Vines. This means a virus that can continue to weaken the protection system.


AIDS, "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome" (abbreviation of the word "Acquired Immune Syndrome").

HIV simply damages the protection system. HIV-related HIV-AIDS weaken the immune system unless it is sanctioned

According to the 2015 report on the United Nations Convention on HIV / AIDS (UNAIDS) Program, there were around 2.1 million people in the world susceptible to HIV in 2015. 36.7 million HIV passengers were found and 1.1 million died One of the diseases associated with AIDS. The extent to which medicine for adults with HIV-wide disease is 41 per cent, and in 32 per cent of patients in 73 per cent are patients.

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