There will be injuries on your body – Officers

Hüseyin Karaçelik, a b

A private security officer of 34 years living in Izmir, Karaçelik in 2009, under the dorsal pain and grain and absentee abscess with a complaint to the doctor.

Hüseyin Karaçelik, who was injured with wounds in many parts of her body, failed to take advantage of the health care facilities she had, due to the problems caused by the disease t and then she agreed to her husband.

In Karaçelik, who was unable to stay out for a long time because of his pain and where he could sleep 1-2 hours a night but only had a machine act of praise to a doctor t but then it turned out that this was not the cause of an illness.

He was sad about six years with the illness he was looking for, and during that time it was very difficult. In 2015, he applied to Meltem Türkmen, a dermatologist at Bozyaka Training and Research Hospital.

After the exams and testing, Karachelik was diagnosed as "Hidradenit Broom (HS)" and healing began.

The body of Hüseyin Karaçelik responded to this treatment. Karaçelik is continuing his work to stop the disease happening again.

Hussein Karacelik, AA reporter, said that wounds and weaknesses in different parts of his body were due to a breakdown of his life, he said.

Karaçelik, who has been diagnosed with the disease for 6 years, said: t

"I lost my job and my wife because of the disease. I couldn't wear light clothes because of the currents, I couldn't get out and I couldn't sleep on it." I can stay out for a long time. '

A Dermatologist Meltem Turkmen said for 6 years when trying to diagnose the patient "Hidradenitis Sweepers" was proved out.

This disease is characterized by a painful and irritant feeling of the strait, sub-depressions, genital divisions, where the cloud growth prophets are. "The community event is around 1%. The social life of the patient is very poor as it cannot be recognized for a long time and now drug treatment is ongoing and progressively returns to old days. A reason for the late night it is felt that he doesn't know it.

Meltm Turkmen said they could reduce the progress of this disease.

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