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Op Kerem Bkmaz gave information on the things that migraine encouraged.

Nroirurji Expert Op.Dr. Kerem Bkmaz, is the most important thing. Almost everyone has a successful experience. In any one year, people will develop at least once. For someone else, the success of the problem is repetitive and virtual.

Dr. For example, with normal migraine features, scratch:

"Zonklayc has been heavy, nausea and sometimes sending a message, a fragile feeling and a sound."

Migraine is on the banned side or may affect the end that Op.Dr. says. Despite this, if it is possible that Mayz Ba for hours be 4 to 17 hours in erikins, and physical activity, disruption, and conflict may have to be done. getting worse, etc. Personal change can change personal, sometimes 1-2 hours in a month or once again in 1-2 months or less. Migraine can affect people on every bed, but at most 20 to 50 or more. Menopause may probably be "after" he is living.

Op Kerem Bkmaz said gum migraine profit factors should be avoided:

"Feeding facts: On a diet or a long time, some foods can stimulate migration attacks, such as alcohol, coded food, artificial sweets (asportome), monosodium glutomat (powder used for asia food), caffeine, concentration caffeine, icolata, old cheeses, nitrateans and nitrites (found in food as stomach), fur and fruit juice.

Environmental factors: climate change and elevation, exposure to clear teeth, smoking, strong smell and migraine may cause a ban to ban.

Concrete hormone: Changes in steroid and progesterone levels in outer women have been activated by headphones. In particular, the basic migraine movement will be investigated immediately before or during damage. Doum's control pills and the treatment of hormone regeneration can cause bone bone treatment. A woman describes a reduction in migraine headaches when it is heavy. After the menopause, women reported migratory mussels.

Lalar: Cartoon-guarded states could cause migration attacks.

Physical Infections: Changes in the sleeping alkanes can cause headings to arrow or less sleep. It can promote physical, tiredness, severe headache illness

Important features: Clear, smoking, glue and knee smell can start migration.

Stress: Weight or weight pressure (weekend or travel) may cause. If there is no known illness of migraine headache. They should be separated and deleted.

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