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A whale moved

Cricket whales take a lot of XRP and Stellar. If this is a case, we are summarizing the cryptocurrency range with the morbid carers' sentence.

All XRPs have been moved to & # 39; starting from the crypto cash exchange Bittrex and the South exchange border exchange of money borders in Upbit. To date, 507 million of XRPs of 159 million dollars have been moved.

Bitcoin's Turning Points

  1. Bitcoin's price has declined considerably because of the fact that it does not bother; can break $ 4.200 against the US dollar break.
  2. Its price has dropped below the $ 4,000 and is based on the # 39; a simple 55-minute mobile average.
  3. According to the data from the Coinbase, a short-term triangular triangle model created as a result of the face of the 4-hour record of BTC / USD is standing ahead.
  4. The exchange rate is expected to have the next move over $ 3,875 in the long term. However, if this situation does not occur, the exchange rate may decline by $ 3.710.

Icon for Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin's price has fallen below $ 4,000 and has confirmed the $ 3.710 against US Dollar. BTC arrives at an essential terminal and can break or drop $ 3,875 once more.

Last week, we had a strong rise against the US Door at Bitcoin price of over $ 3.710. BTC / USD sold over the serving level of $ 3,900 and $ 4,000. Even the closing of the simple movable average of 3,900 dollars and 55 days was closed. However, vendors were struggling near her; serving zone of $ 4,200. Unfortunately, this situation has reduced its price. The US $ 4,192 had a huge increase, and then fell at a price of $ 4,000.

In addition, under the Fib repeat level 50% of the last wave, there was a bankruptcy of $ 3,564 to a value of $ 4,192. There was a very strong price, how did it break? $ 3.875 and the simple 55-minute mobile average. The price of the 3.700-3.710 support range of a place where customers had a place was fixed; appear. In addition, their price moved to a high value of $ 4,192 from a low 3.564 Dollars, which is the 76.4% Fib of the last wavelength, as a support point. Then the exchange rate began to lose and rescued it in an area over $ 3,800.

Initially, there is a short-term triangular triangle triangle at the 4-hour hour of BTC / USD exchange with a low $ 3.840. The exchange exceeds $ 3,875 or will be below $ 3,710 in the long term. If there is an increase of $ 3,840 and over USD 3,875, your price may be & # 39; going up to move up. On the other hand, if there is a negative error, it may be that, price below $ 3.710.

Looking at & # 39; The Bitcoin price seems to come to an essential port that could break $ 3,875 or fall once more. Although the current price shift is a bit progressive, it will not be easy to break over $ 3.875. Even more important, price is near the 55-day SMA for an acceleration of $ 4,000.

Technical Marks

  1. 4-hour MACD: The MACD will slowly move to the & # 39; ascension belt with few signs to decline.
  2. RSI (Coherence index) for 4 hours: RSI is currently flat and well below 50.
  3. Support Maintainers: $ 3,760 and $ 3,710.
  4. Response Levels: $ 3,875 and $ 3,900.

Last Minute in Crypto Money World

With regard to crypto cash market, there are mixed prices throughout the broadcast. Bitcoin dropped 0.32% to $ 3.839. Ethereum dropped 0.57% to $ 137.81 barrel. The XRP decreased 2.06% to $ 0.3171 barrel.

Technical surveys expect to move in Bitcoin in the short term, but are not as optimistic for Ethereum and XRP. Now, let's take a look at the letterheads of the three main analyzes of the world of crypto money.


FXStreet: BTC / USD is dry supported to reimburse the $ 4000 value.

Live Bitcoin News: It's a milestone that's important; in BTC.

CoinDesk: The short-term view continues to increase, with BTC still more than $ 3.714.

my Etherea

Blocks: ETH is ready to break it soon.

FXStreet: Move hard for ETH / USD prices at a fragile level.

NewsBTC: The ETH value appears to fall below $ 130 a week.


NewsBTC: The XRP is down again, it can test for $ 0.3,000 again.

FXStreet: A wild competition will continue after the $ 0.35 decrease.

Keep: XRP can not keep the motion after the Coinbase Pro report.

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