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Turkish signature on aortic surgery

The Turkish scientists were handled by a "surgical friendship who is a pretty spectacular kullanılarak attack, which is a closed surgery and the ballooning (aortic aneurysm) in the elderly, The heart of two leaves will disappear and that comes from the heart, by using a biological heart bowl and biological vessel.

All data, edited as a scientific article and transmitted to be published in international magazines, says that the work is the first in the world in this area.

Ankara University (AU) Department of the Cardiovascular Medicine Laboratory, Faculty Membership Association. Dr. Dr. Serkan Durdu, in a statement, on heart and evangelical diseases, tells about death causes around the world in the first place.

Durdu stressed his / her decision that aortic aneurysms were in place; Happening with coronary heart disease is caused by the problems in the surrounding surroundings of his heart and his / her; The main vessel that came from the heart with coronary heart disease. Çev There are often aortic aneurysms by around 20%. Aortic aneurysm is the most common cause of death in cardiovascular disease. A

Stalled, an aortic aneurysm from the wall of the speine that blows a tana, in her; In this case, if interventions can be delayed in hours, the person withdrew on loss of life.


In the aortic aneurysm with a closed operation by using a specific anesthesia, he did a new job in this area; Durdu's movement, heart and indigenous invasion in the world, a small middle in the middle of a pile and started off. The minimum method of fuel was put in place, he said.

They show that their university is one of these centers and to date they have done about 500 jobs in the way it is questioned, 500 it is hard to work with the aortic closed by closed method. The first man in the world of surgery was done to & # 39; Using a biological heart bowl and a crow with a 3-centimeter cutter in the heath gap with a very aggressive approach to a & # 39; Extends the aortic sound and its associated aortic heart penetration. There is no such example in the literature. Litr

Announced that the detail of the work had been prepared for publication on the scientific level, said Durdu, Our first article on overseas demand for publication in international magazines.

The work of the team that performs the surgery, this way is much harder than the exposed laboratory, but the patient is in a position; Given important benefits that attract Durdu's attention to the patient's cage cutting, bleeding, disease, as a significant risk hazard, he said. He said he had little lung problems and was discharged in a short time.


Assoc. Dr. Stopping it is usually a 2-congenital 3-leaf core and this stomach and aortic falcon, Seyhan Özer in 62 years, has been used for the first time , he said.

After verifying all detail with imagery techniques, Özer reported that a specific anesthesia method was used differently from normal heart surgery. Durdu explained the process as follows:
The rib was inserted with a cut of about 3 centimeters. In the meantime, the patient was tied to a machine to complete the work of his heart and the lungs, and the work started by doing so; Give the patient's heart with special tools.

Then, it was inspired by a weak 2-disease page and the key vessel that came from the heart. The main insects that had been fed to & # 39; to install a new biological device and the surgery was completed. Now our patient is expecting a healthy new life. Şimdi
Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation. Dr. Onat Bermede said that card handwriting anesthesia is very different from other area areas.

Especially in closed heart surgery, the use of anesthesia is much more interesting to describe Bermede, ve In this work, the revival of the lungs and the surgery during the continuous period, at this time Here, the image was taken to the heart. Certified patients were attached to the respiratory device with a special tube to damage both lungs at different times. In particular, during the application process, the lungs in which the surgery was removed was not allowed. This is essential. At the same time, because the heart was not seen just in the heart clusters closed, a zoo that was placed in the patient's abusive was a patient; allows her heart to appear at the surgery.


Seyhan Özer, 62, a mother of two children who had been diagnosed with surgery said that he had been aortic many years ago when he was admitted to hospital due to increased blood pressure.

About 8 years under the line says that the Özer, due to an increase in blood pressure could be due to an increase in the blood vessel, he said. Özer said that this caused a steady weight, and he said that I was in a position; live with a disturbance of death and now I'm worried. Now, I want to relax and spend time with my family. Şimdi


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