We have decided to make changes to prices

The ideas of President Erdoğan are as follows;

Turkey does not suffer the delays of its statutory functions as well as in all areas. The party race democracy race is in the AK party. The AK Party party is not elected, but every day with the country. The main thing is to win our hearts on our country. One nation, one country, one banner, one state, we will meet everyone who meets his / her; principal.

Our country is one of the most important times in history. staff to make their knees grow up in the terrorist of their Turkish border borders have shown that the square was empty. In 16 years, we passed our class into our country. Now our goal is to move Turkey within the vast majority of 10 developed countries. We hope at the end of this year, that we will increase our country to 12th place according to its & # 39; bought share


We ended up our provisions for March 31 as AK Party. The main idea of ​​our campaign is to enter our heart of our country. We will not see the future of the AK party and the future of our country. If Turkey grows, if we come, we have gained confidence in building more dreams, all nakşed their hearts. Turkey and away from our home where we are at every opportunity.

In our world, we will look at our nation on our own lives that we do not have our place with great confidence, wealth, love, purity, stealing, rubbish, illegal.

Home plans are prepared in a long-term, fair way. Infrastructural and transport problems will be resolved strictly in all our towns. Urban transformation studies will be carried out according to the characteristics of our departments and the needs of our citizens. Can we say that this place is very lock for Karabağlar in Izmir? Urban transformation is not needed? Are my rights there that are not right to live in a modern, modern-style town?


By highlighting your social community, services that will impact on people. All of our famous township applications are available to all of us. Settlement sites will be established with flat towns, especially TOKI. Are people living in 50-60 buildings familiar with each other? Is there a natural thing? Believe me, there's no news about dying in the room. So what's our history? With its principal management with the people, every decision about the town will be brought together with the people who live there. Urban resources will be used correctly and clearly. Valuation towns will be developed. Urban resources with accuracy and accuracy of publicity will be used correctly and openly.


In the next 55 days, with all our organizations, we will talk to our people on the street. We will talk to our people with our jobs. We do not tell you the truth. We will inform the public about the future of the AK party when it comes to towns.

Turkey has been open to the vast wave of attacks in the economy. We have no economic loss, such as terrorism, loss of life, but loss of money. We have a 10% reduction in natural and electrical gas, which builds its & bill because its price is based on foreign exchange. These are the essential needs of each house. Our speakers do not talk about it. The tomato with a baker and the pepper.


We made improvements to the increase in staff, civil servants and pensions. We tried to increase the power of buying our country with the anti-inflation campaign. We helped to buy our country's power by charging tax and its tax. participate voluntarily. We came to $ 168 billion in exports. Historical record.

We met all the TOBB producers. We received commitments from each department. We got the word for themselves.

People who keep business with it; terrorist group in Qandil, CHP, Felicity and GOOD Party business. These are signals of apocalypse.

National income of decline can print a piece of paper but according to the equity of buying countries in a national category of income that originates from Turkey to 13 & c.m.

Tamer Akkal, who has been postponed from the GOOD Party, moved to AK Party. President Erdoğan has tied his brooch to Akkal.

"The IMF is the book of Turkey"

The CHPs and games became parties that did not appear the same national position. CHP, Turkey searching low opportunism enough to say I will go to IMF. Turkey has closed the book and the IMF will not happen again. We got the vorcu on the IMF. Their book Turkey closed in 2013 mayısay the IMF. CHP power overtakes Turkey to do the work that is delivered to & # 39; first IMF


Bank Job on the board. Gazi Mustafa Kemal A bank of the Treasury, not the CHP. And this is İşbank's Treasury ownership. The section 28% of CHP in İşbank will be transferred to the Treasury Department. This Parliament can take this historic decision. I believe that.

These are the representatives of this country in terms of separation, spreading and filling. We need to strengthen the Federation of President. For this reason, this partnership should not be up to market, but to meazara. Good members of the 12th September members need to use a funny homosexual. I believe we get the heart of those who give hope.

Some checks will be done for food prices. We talked to our Cabinet meeting. Producers are deployed to users or do this. We strive to be straightforward users and make it open to the public and deliver it to our best-paid citizens.

"We have decided to set the prices to the prices"

Citizenship, these market prices are not matched to each other, just a few, laughter, but a little more shouting. If needed, we decided to change the prices. We will take these steps through our towns, we will take them. In the towns, we can do similar work in cereals. We have the responsibility to provide our citizens with a cheap, healthy product. We are trying to bring food from the producer to the user without the media.

This critical place is in Syria. Syria case is essential. Turkey and Syria are territorial integrity and their; respect the people themselves in the future but right belilrl. We strongly support the new constitution and your free election process in Syria.


Those in Venezuela … Venezuela is your department? How did you say & leave here & # 39 ;? This is the European Union. Remember democracy? On the one hand, you will call democracy and then you will dispose of the government with persecution and questioning. We accept a world in which the justification is strong, not the truths.


The only way to make sure our safety is to dry up a terrible source and its; destroyed. The eastern Euphrates and Münbiç are the most important issues. We expect American commitments to be fulfilled. As long as the Münbiç case is left in the # 39; centrally, government commitment is also emerging. Turkey that does not accept any offer outside a safe zone zone. There is no risk, which includes the list of sanctions, which we can not deny this way. We will continue to & # 39; preparing our weapons. Our patience is not unfinished. If the rebels in Münbiç are not held here in a few weeks, let's wait.

It will not stop more in 55 days.

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