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What is the new Honda HR-V? – Sözcü Newspaper

The Honda HR-V also also introduces a new, elegant, dark chrome panel that will replace The Honda Steep Heated Place with black and chrome coating. Air around the fog lights
Lighting with iconic lenses is fitted with daylight LED lights as standard. The roof line at the front and the pouring roof confirm the impact of sport.

The dark chrome flame, which runs the roof, completes its design philosophy on the face, and the back tires focus on sport with dark tones. 17-inch spider wheels at high gear levels,
Produce of a padlock, full LED steel and back templates come to play.

The Honda HR-V with its extraordinary activity in the Magic Seat provides more calf, shelter and shoulder support, thanks to the new drivers 'and a travelers' seats, in the form of a seat pillow and backing t . Although the quality of the coverage found in the basic version is improved, the seats are double-seated with clothes and leather being compared in the more drastic hard packs. At the highest hardware level a leather leg is coming to play.

Advanced driving support systems, including active urban brakes, contribute to drink driving and driving safety, and the importance of separation in Honda HR-V, can result in the driver and passengers being altered. seems to feel just 65 dB of the cab sound when they travel at 100 km / h.

The Honda HR-V upgrade is made up of an advanced Active Reporting (ANC) system, depending on levels of difficulty. The prohibited white embarrassing system actively measures the volume of sound in the cabin and removes them by removing the corresponding times through the speakers.

Features such as Honda's new Honda Smart Interior, and an Honda Smart Interior, built in one of the latest hand-made electronic accessories, make it easier to use.

Honda Connect, the new information and entertainment system introduced for the first time in 2015 by the new Honda CR-V is also being used in the new Honda HR-V. The Honda Connect is optional at standard level at the middle and upper levels.

With innovative and active safety technologies, the Honda HR-V offers a more comfortable and comfortable ride, offering greater protection to passengers and pedestrians. The City Active Brake System, designed as standard, is designed to prevent accidents particularly at low distances in the city. The system that is visiting along the route can drive with danger radar technology
The driver breaks independently with hands and ear.

Honda's advanced advanced support system (ADAS), available in HR-V versions with medium equipment levels, is also high, also using radar detectors outside the front and back of the carriage. There is a Honda HR-V platform equipped with eight ACE ™ Airbags (Advanced Compatibility) bags using a network of structural elements that commit Honda to more balanced distribution of
Engineering uses the structure of the organization.

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