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Who won the Survivor defensive team? Here are the names: t

Survivor played defense games in the final part. The first game was played by a Turkish team and the Greek team played the second game. The competitors who put everything into the fight to stay in Survivor. So who was free to live in Survivor? Here is a summary of the most suitable candidates and the final topic of Survivor …

In Survivor, the two teams were defended, and another game was played. When the Greek competitors made high, the Turks lost their sentences. Male and female competitors will be equal this week, the applicants were decided. Debates and riots in the island council reached the Turkish team level. Here are the names for… t



Bora: Ok, he said he would write it out every time he took the individual.

Sabria: Please speak to Borah as we can. I don't meet when I come out. A new friend, who was a baby, was called.

Joseph: There is something that is going on every day. You have lost an amazing family, all that is left after Öz

Ryan: The goal is to vote at Sabriye. We think it's okay to benefit from your brother. I said, but now I am giving it a chance.


Murat: Welcome to a communication game. Come in, make a prize. The winners will be able to read messages from support staff and view films. The film doesn't go dry, it's a star.

There men; Okay; He chose Büşra and Yusuf.
women; Seda; He chose Wisdom and Sude.


Acer at: Welcome to the protective game. In fact, no one to go.

Turkey: 10 Greece: 8

'Greece's & # 39's; defense, the defense of the second winning team to play in Turkey because it's a new game Untouchable.

Turkey: Greece 1: 3 Protection of Greek Team

Acer at: It was a great challenge. The Greek team were in the final. The Greek team were above the nerves in the last game. We have a advice tonight.

Seda: I got two games, I gave two games. Dimitra had a better view.


Women; büşra
In people; Yusuf

wisdom: We have friends who will not fight and we lose. We have to be right.

Joseph: We are rising, we live behind us, unfortunately. One of them will go out of it. I took great responsibility for taking the person with me.

Ryan: It's a good thing. I must say the correct name. I look at the exhibition.

Bora: For two weeks, the team always say the right fall. I hope the communication and activities are not different.


Acer at: Welcome to an island council. It is a hard night. Challenging people. You've lost a very difficult game. There have been improvements in Atakan's situation. If Atakan couldn't continue, you could still vote for any competitors. Atakan will be able to continue Survivor. It can play in 4-5 days.

Atakan: I had a lot of time to think about what I had to do. I lost protection. I am delighted with the first day. I hope we don't suffer. I am pleased to be here.

Acer at: I've never been on our team so sad. A man has to go. I want to go to a vote. A woman can't go to Emre, you can't vote for Yusuf and Busra.

It was a mince pie prize. This week's exhibitions; women; Seda, Dimitra in Men; Ok, Panaotis.

Name of team due to vote: ATAKAN
The individual winner's name is Büşra: t Hagan
Name of Yusuf, the individual's winner t Bora

Atakan: I am panic. I am back from injury. I don't know what they are thinking. I got crying for this team. I came here without giving away. I can live. T If I don't, I will be dealing with them individually. I came here to fight. I want to stay. I need a lot of support from my sweetheart. I'll do my best to stay. T

Hakan: This is my position if it is surprising. Everyone is talking about the damage. Büşra does not judge by performance. I don't know what it is he graduated, he moved very wrong.

Bora: I don't know if I'm laughing or crying. The Council initially took 6 points before the team. Almost 70 per cent are scoring. Before I came here, Joseph said that he was going to decide on the achievement that I would not work emotionally. Isn't the man who looks at our eyes and tells us that we lose our confidence? I was surprised. I didn't write Yusuf. Horizontal conclusion. Communication and action are different. I have never been afraid to be in the pot. I came to stay with the Survivor. I hope we are in the same day and see them.

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