Will Ripple (XRP) Test the bull for $ 0.5?

Ripple (XRP) has fallen to a minimum of $ 0.2903 on January 30, 2019, with a sharp fall of 73.75% for a year. Year-to-day performance is also depreciated, down by 21%. Our article on our Ripple price estimation for February 2019 will talk about some of the monthly estimates on other websites and we will add our estimate of its. Ripple neutral price based on technical analysis.

Some of the basic statistics for Ripple on 30 January 2019 are as follows:

Market value: $ 11.952.632.279 Dollars, 3.457.553 BTC

Volume (24 hours): 414.712.805 Dail, 119.965 BTC

Crypto is the second largest market value

52 Minimum Value Week – 52 Week Maximum Value: 0.2478 $ – 1,2681 $

2019 February Weather Ripple Forecast for some resources

  • LongForecast's net price estimate of $ 0.28. The low and high price range is between 0.20 and .029 Dollars, separately. The closing price is $ 0.23. This means a 17% loss per month and an average price of $ 0.25. It is inevitable to influence Ripple prices for its & # 39; behaviors.
  • PrevisioniBitcoin can not offer a special price for Ripple for February 2019. However, it costs up to price, which says Ripple may have a & # 39; increase price as a result of comparing them in the coming months. Ripple is expected to rise with a strong capital and thus increase the potential value of each koin.
  • CryptoTreat looks very nice about Ripple. Ripple estimates in February 2019 have a net price of $ 2.08, a closing price of $ 2.13. Minimum price of $ 2.07 and $ 2.15. In total, we look at the precious value estimate of a bull like a bull. By the end of January, the value of $ 0.29 in Ripple.
  • TokenMantra, some strategies, Ripple's approximate, estimate estimation, saying that price by the end of February (XRP) is a & # 39; Falling up to $ 0.232 saying their ability.

In general, the sources above have mixed ideas about reporting the Ripple price forecast targets for February 2019. So in this case, how can we predict it based on our technical analysis?

2019 February Ripple Price Decision on Scenarios Analysis Technical

First of all, say a few words of our annual Ripple price estimate for 2019 in the study. Short-term analysis is based on Ripple cards every day and week as follows:

Ripple is the optimistic situation for price evaluation

As Ripple money prices are currently reaching Bollinger's low band rate of $ 0.2944 per day, the daily Bollinger band is likely to be at the highest level of $ 0.3487. If its price rises to a degree of 0.579 Dollars, there is little chance that the band will be the highest Bollinger week.

The amount of $ 0.2933 works as a strong support and has a relatively positive division due to the trademark (14,3,3). From a low price of $ 0.32 to $ 0.2860, the value value identified by the Stochastic signaller has increased slightly. These low levels may indicate that the price of the Ripple signal will be restored quickly. The almost horizontal speed signal and this can stop the move down.

Icon for Ripple Price Pessimistic Script

It is a democrat that does not always work, but we should still say: Ripple does not; struggling with the move. The moving 20-day and 50-day mobile averages of $ 0.332 to $ 0.3498, respectively, show a downward move, which, although it has been & # 39; stress, identify, & # 39; price.

The ADX / DMI signal indicates that the line -DI is over line + DI and 20.47 and 9.66 respectively. This shows that the lowest move is 39; for the time. The MACD signal has a negative value and is aimed down. After consolidation level, Ripple moves to low levels.

The consolidation range from $ 0.31 to $ 0.35 includes a period of about fourteen days. Usually, it always continues the latest effects after a & # 39; consolidation breakdown, not always the person who drags the whistle. If it is not possible to maintain nearly $ 0.29 support, it is undoubtedly not foreseen for its & # 39; pricing; slowly moving.

What should be asked how well Ripple is & # 39; reach lower levels. There are two target regions that may be possible. These are $ 0.2750 and $ 0.2415. These levels come from the weekly chart. Bonninger level of $ 0.2415 per week.

As a result, I should say that this is not an investment proposal. But it is also useful to say that there is an educational article. We prefer the depressing situation for Ripple. That option means that the Ripple downward trend continues in February 2019. Certainly, it is likely that conditions change, but for the time, it seems that standards low price.

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