Windows 10 Presented by OnePlus 6T

As a result of the technology developed by Qualcomm, Windows 10 can be used on a phone by a Snapdragon printer. Although all the features of Windows are available by phone, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can be played.

Qualcomm has been working on processors who make Windows 10 computers portable for some time. Now ARM versions of Windows 10 are available with Snapdragon processes. So, Windows 10 can be used on the phone.


Windows 10 phones can be used as a computer when they are connected to television!

By Windows 10, Pixel 3 XL had been used by Windows 10. If you're a new app from the same account, Google Chrome appears on Windows 10 to be used on OnePlus 6T. The other section of the account shows how the phone connection works on Windows 10.

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