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Ziraat Bank: We had money, we delivered

Credit from Ziraat Bank to Demirören: We had money, we delivered

Banks of the Turkish Association (TBB) President and Ziraat Bank General Manager Hüseyin Aydın Doğan Media Group used in the sale of the Demirören Bank Agricultural Association in terms of borrowing "We had money, we gave. Getting on our investment. The person is not a business media, "he said.

WALL – Turkish Association Banks (TBB) President and Ziraat Bank General Manager Hüseyin Aydın, the history of the country's largest media holders of the change of Doğan Media Group's use in Demirören Group in terms of Ziraat Bank, "We were the money, yes," he said.

Banks of the Turkish Association (TBB) and President Ziraat Bank General Manager Hüseyin Aydın Doğan Media Group was sold for sale in Demirören Bank Agricultural Association in terms of borrowing "We had money, we gave. We also found the burials We are not the only one who works in the media. Oil, gas, there is a lot. We get all their bilateral. There's no problem Any media related to the company, who also works with Turkey has a huge private banking honor, "he said.


Aydın, organized by the Businesses Association of Balkan Rumeli and the Association of Businesses (BALKANTÜRKSİAD) in a meeting hall, Aydın 20. Meeting Cooperation "in a speech, which is now a world-class Turkish country, Despite a good environment in Turkey, negative or neutral can be affected.

Explain that they have been in & # 39; Looking for more attitudes both inside and outside in recent years, Aydın said, in the economy that controls these challenges, it is essential to maintain everything in a way better than those who were before. Everyone knows our geopolitical dangers. The problems between our largest and US neighbors are closely linked to our economic route

& # 39; We are & # 39; Looking for a pure skin with snow & # 39;

Aydin, the banking system in Turkey that overcomes national revenue and emphasizing Turkey has the power to overcome economic problems, he said:

Recently Iyor Global markets and developments have recently supported. We have been a great deal to block the crest inside and outside. We do not hit it. This is a good improvement for us and we define the new economic program in September. October, November, December December We see very good improvements in the three-month period, government loans, international range, CDS and reserves. There is no other economy that will be dealt with as soon as possible. We are. Today we see the real moment now. We see very good improvements in expectations. There is a political devolution, one economic management at one goal, and puts every situation to grow. It shows all the efforts to implement these uses. All this means we are capable of being strong and healthy. All this provides a banking system that will support this when it is done. Bunlar

& # 39; B & # 39; we had to take a shirt

Show that the total amount of a credit was to # 39; going to over, follow Aydin forward:

Iz Today, praise for Allah, for the last 1-1,5 months, we have a wonderful and enjoyable comfort. In the banking system in Turkish, we had difficulties in unemployment, but we currently have a huge increase in unemployment through equity and balance; controlled by the new economy program. Flow-up to Turkey has begun again. The Turkish banking system felt that the government did not; carrying out its activities and getting a loan less. When we reach, we can not sit on it. We need to use it to individuals and companies. This was a focal point in quick fixes in loans. Now the loan course of the loans is over. Loans have been positive for the last 10 days. Although investments are back in basic infrastructure deposits. Hem

Aydın, the Ziraat Bank, at 31 December 2018, receives a profit of TL 8 billion. Bank Building, banks & # 39; highest justice in Turkey. There is no money in agriculture. We are the most profitable bank, the most efficient and most profitable bank. In


Responding to the hall's questions after the Aydin lecture, football clubs to strengthen the administrative and financial structure of TBB and TFF on the agreement between the final settlement agreement, the following statements were used:

Uis We are already working with sports clubs. Not the only one in me. Many banks work with sports clubs. What we have given, we are all given under the terms of our market. Sport is fun. My Sports coverage in Turkey has brought to a maximum of 500 million dollars. Football is a economy, business. We want this economy to live and maintain this value. The average annual income of the three big clubs is around 600 million lira. You can organize a team that will target 250-300 million pounds. There is a fault in a cash stream, without sympathy. We want to organize cash flows. Not only that, we have at TFF, UEFA, lenders as well as our customers too. 8 per cent of credit settlement, and the country's resources are not split or something. We are selling. Biz

Aydin said, and I funded two media. One in Halkbank and one at Ziraat Bank. The media are a commercial business, right? He has borrowed from the $ 500 million IMF in Turkey that took place in power for four years. This is the nation's power and Ziraat Bank. I broke it up from anyone

Not the SINGLE MEDIA WORK & # 39; in & # 39;

Aydin, affirms that the Bank Agricultural is about 14 pounds; cent of Turkey's foreign exchange department met alone, he said:

"We had money, we gave up. We also got our burials. It is not the only one who works in the media. Oil, gas, there is a lot. , get all their cohesive. There's no problem. Media related to the company, who also works with Turkey has a huge private banking honor. If you & # 39 , doing business in Turkey as well as the need to learn a bit of it. Turkey and the IMF that do not work. Just the amount of credit Hakbank's credit spreads to craftsmen in & # 39 , first three months of 10 billion TL. So we have no way to go to the IMF, we have a lot of money. Yani

Today, news has been banned. The economy has dropped the ban ". I did not see it like this. Official figures in this guide. What do you think?" On Aydın question, he said:

Iz We see key features. The more we see ahead, the more we will put our legs on gas. At present, key features show that the air is a open, and she has a positive vision. Not in the last 15 days. This may not be at a door yet, but I tell you, make sure you do that. We will be here, and we will continue to do these things. So, say that something that has not happened, does not harm our credit. It also harms its & # 39; organization we manage. Ma Turkey really does what both achieve economic and political stability that will; succeed after yesterday. "

Aydın said that the production of additional high value representation in different sectors, and adding it, we have to change our production model. We have a crisis, then a more scarce resource will be more effective to use. It may not appear in 2010-2012 but we'll see it. There is no doubt, Bundan said. (AA)

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