Turkish turkey against Dollar and Euro and Sunday 18-11-2018 money


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Price of Turkish lira against the dollar, euro and Sunday 18-11-2018 money from the Arab News website, Sunday, November 18, 2018.

We continue our valuable visitors Turkish Lira price today Sunday 18 November 2018, where we are present Price of Turkish lira against the dollar The euro, the non-sterling and some Arab monies, where the Turkish Republic has a huge balance of economic and political relationships with the Arab world, and many of the Arabians are now seeking Turkish Lira Commercial Grade Due to increased trade and tourism in recent years.

The exchange rate of Turkish lira against the dollar and the money

come back Turkish Lira In recent days to achieve economic benefits against US currency, as well as a range of international monies after taking economic and political measures, which helped to stop falling Turkish Lira Commercial Grade Who has been open to the money in the last few months, and the prices of Turkish lira today are as follows

Foreign The sale price against the Turkish lira Buy a price against Turkey's lira US Dollar 5,3343 5,333,3 One Euro 6.0986 6.0839 Saudi Riyal 1,4219 4.4214 Paid Syria 0.010869 0.011111 GBP 6.8440 6.8420 Kuwaiti Dinar 17.5586 17.4405 UAE Dirham 1.4524 1.4520 Egyptian Pound 0.2987 0.2975 Iraqi Dinar 0.0045 0.0044 Bahraini Dinar 14.1606 14.1504 Qatari Riyal 1.4655 1.4648 Libya Dinar 3.8316 3.8117 Omani Rial Exchange exchange rates today Equity rates just Exchange rates Today, cash rates only and Class Trading Today,

Updated on Turkish Lira Sunday

Turkey's lira has held its exchange rate against the US dollar, as well as the euro and money in a trading session in the morning. Turkey's lira can be comparatively calm at the beginning of the day.

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Source: Arab News

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