Turn back Stand home after bloody!


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Nawab young blood Saif Ali Khan Air on Monday, when the car stopped when Saif's car stopped on the front of the house, it was found that his head was broken off; come out. The gametite is inside the bloody uniform. Suddenly, it is astonishing that He first seeks to see anyone. But in the meantime, blood seems to have been burned for burning. However, there will be no actor who will return home again. Everyone gets back to their usual routine and will return home.

So what happened to the actor? Saif Ali Khan is currently shooting a movie called & # 39; Hunter The actor Naga Sadhu can be seen.

Then the actor may have been injured as long as he was a & # 39; shoot the actor's picture. It may also be possible to start hunting the second season of Secread Games. There are also some damages in some ways. Although the little Nawab was injured because of the same reasons, it was not known. This news is published by Indian Media G News

In context, the director & Serenic Games, Vikas Behal, heard that she could not be in Rebellion 2 following allegations of generic harassment. Although Netflix has said Vikramaditya will continue to work with Motwani and Anurag Kashyap.

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