TV Azteca, fundamental to public life: AMLO


The president was elected, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, considered TV Azteca it is fundamental to the public life of the country.

"All Friends of Azteca Television: first, congratulate them for this year, number 25 in the history of this important television for our nation's public life," said Moreno.

On this night, as part of the television station's 25th anniversary, López Obrador joined Ricardo Salinas Pliego, president of Grupo Salinas, and general director of TV Azteca, Benjamín Salinas Sada.

On November 15, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, members of the Business Council Council, who will start working on the floor as President of 1 December. Ricardo Salinas Pliego will be part of that advice.

"I am attending this action out of the conviction, because I need to thank your television station, your company, because in the sad times that campaign for democracy, Find out where we are now, we come, like public knowledge, much closure & news media, "said AMLO.

Morenista commented on his position when he ran for a president in 2006, and noted that it was not easy to get a place in the media at that time.

"And I spoke to Ricardo (Salinas Pliego): a very early time, we could send our opinions to the people, I was televisión Azteca every day, in the morning of 2006 In 2012, they also opened places for us to move. "

"We did not agree everything, but I have to admit and thank me that I have never had a dirty campaign, a dirty war broke out, with this way of information, "said the chief deputy.

López Obrador took the opportunity to give congratulations to the company's employees. In addition, he specifically mentioned the driver Javier a la Torre, who thought he was a "special person".

López Obrador agrees with Ricardo Salinas named Pliego For Youth Youth & # 39; which aims to support 100 young people in six years from December 1, there are 12,000 young people in companies of Grupo Salinas and the removal of young people from antisocial behavior through & # 39; awarding its program of 300 orchestras and choirs, among others.

In this regard, he recognized that Ricardo Salinas was the first entrepreneur who responded to cite her to encourage young apprenticeships in companies and hoped that others would be involved in making history with for the benefit of Mexico.

During the meeting with Grupo Salinas businessmen, one of the businesses bought it that there are still "moving voices" that see businesswomen as a "barrier".

López Obrador said, in order to close these gaps, the importance of the unit needs to be stressed and said its need for businessmen.

"Certainly there will be questions. Imagine, we come from the enemy. I would have a bad, weird, unobtrusive feeling. He would not find me, as they say in the towns. We need that, just do it with respect. We can be in a society of diversity, we can convert the public and private sector and move the country forward, "he said.

With information from Mariana León
and Notimex.

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