TV Nova has celebrated 25 years! The actors and politicians came to the party


The party started the startup display, which gave up the current window to the last time, reminiscent of an important milestone, but also a & # 39; enjoy them. And that's a good example of how news may look like a few decades.

For example, Czech President Václav Klaus came to the party. "I, the old man, felt that it was not for me and I was amazed and delighted," he said.

The familiar faces and the opening block finished the song together. The opening ceremonies were all happy and made memories of nostalgia. "It's also a birthday for me because 25 years of my life is connected to Nova, and I was just 25 years ago for the first time on the screening, and it would not have happened to me without I'll do it here in 25 years and I'll be part of the program, "said Rey Koranteng's moderator.

Then there was free entertainment. "I am happy to meet my colleagues outside of the work," said Kristina Kloubková, moderator. "Indeed, I want TV Nova for another 25 years," said Jan Maxian, "actor and dabbler, television.

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