TVDE. Have you seen this booklet in cars? Do you know what it means


Especially for those traveling in the major urban centers of Lisbon and Porto, it has truly crossed with cars where we can follow related identifiers with the letters. TVDE both on the windscreen and in the back window.

After all, what does it mean? TVDE indicates that, by law, service cars are "separately and separately paid by passenger car" ordered by vehicles ordered from an electronic platform ", that is, the private transport companies that are t we know it like Uber, Bolt (ex-Taxify), Cabify no Kapten (formerly Chauffeur Privé).

According to the Diário da República, the second series – N.º 212 – November 5, 2018, the identifiers must be put in an accessible and transparent way, on the right hand side of the front glass and on the left of the glass without glass. preventing the visibility of the driver. ” t

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