TVI starts the week as a priority. Los Angeles will be banned in the days of the week – The Television


After the first time Cristina Program TVI has shown a problem in winning the hearings during the week, but after a glorious weekend for Queluz, the Media Center season started another week ahead of the race.

Last Monday, TVI closed daily accounts with a final average of 20.2 percentage points of market department, represents a fallout in comparison to the last Sunday, which ensures that the day is; success for a Capital Media channel.

SIC, who has been TVI fighting since the beginning of the month, is back to the usual second on the last Monday of the month. With an average share of 19.0%, Impression channel waiting 1.2 percentage points from the direct rival.

The public station held the third place in the town spread of the biggest scenery. Channel 1 of the station recorded an average of 12.4% of the market share at the end of the day, and the second channel of the broadcast did not exceed 1.6%.

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