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Social networks exploded early on in the Monday following their delivery Taff and Novena Awards 2019. And are the supporters of the young couple "My husband has more families", known as "Aristo"they did not forgive that Emilio Osorio, who plays Aristotle Corsica in the telenovela, was recognized as" Best Young User ".

The installation was awarded to Santiago Achaga, for the work he did "Like", which disturbed "heroism" in the Aristemo in social networks, for "stealing" or "foill" for failing to believe. the success of the first young young couple recognized on open television.

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On Twitter the hashtag FRAUDE TVYNOVELAS and ARISTEMO LA ROMPE were still standing on Sundays and early Monday hours.

Emilio Osorio and Joaquín Bondoni are responsible for life for Corsica and Cuauhtémoc López, los & # 39;Aristo, the characters coming from the telenovela à Juan Osorio.

Anyway, the carpet before the ceremony, the producer took the opportunity to look at the future of the couple who are still giving something to talk about.

“We started recording – the smaller series than a month because the air has to be at the end of June,” he said. “We need to provide this expansion as people and the public have supported it. they said, ”he said.

The producer also said he has been spending the pair of them, praising that he will never lose his humility, as they are today, other people come.

“I can give the best advice to both of them, as they look like my children in both ways, humbling with the people, the media and always remember that something has happened. before this.

Juan Osorio also explained that the characters such as Pancho López, played by Arath de la Torre, are also returning for the next tranche.

As to the new platforms and the competition to create new content, Osorio was positive and explained that it is a time of the best tools and knowledge from the writers.

When they are delivering TVyNovelas awards"My husband has more families" who just have been getting the medal for "best camera leader" for Mauricio Manzano and Martha Montufar.

Is the big winner of the night?Love to death"crowned as the best telenovela in 2018 and which received 14 awards in total, including the best actor, the actor, the evil and the song, amongst others."

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