Twice twice as Tim Cook, who is Apple's highest paid?


It is interesting that Apple is the highest paid woman in Apple, and the level she costs every year is even more than both by the Director of Tim Cook.

Angela Ahrendts – the most powerful woman in Apple.

It earns $ 24.2 million (around 565.14 billion) annually, the name is Angela Ahrendts, although it is still far from the technological community, it quickly became one of Apple's most important and highest-paid communities.

Ahrendts came to Apple in 2014 as head of the sales chain, after the vacancy was vacated for more than a year.

At that time, a technological industry was extremely amazing. Ahrendts has no history of technology and has never done anything about technology. At that time, she was Director of the Burberry series in the UK for eight years.

However, Apple is clear to Ahrendts's ability to value. Four years after entering, Ahrendts got twice the Director of Tim Cook. She is the only director of the iPhone's oldest woman.

Born and raised in New Palestine, Indiana, a state that is on the western side of the United States, is a daughter of a family in Ahrendts. As a child, Ahrendts liked to sew, and she did not. dream of a fashion career "It's always fashionable." If you read secondary school diary, you can see that I knew exactly what I was going to do at the age of 16, "she said.

After moving to Ball State University, Ahrendts left for New York City and went there.

Follow Ahrendts to get "dream work" as a worker of a male fashion company. He then moved to the Warnaco subway company, and then became Chairman of Donna Karan for six years.

Until the 1990s, she continued to work, but she is still fashionable. In 1995, Ahrendts became manager of Henri Bendel, 1998 as vice president of Liz Claiborne.

Ahrendts was the headquarters of Burberry's Chief Executive in 2006. Thanks to his talent, Ahrendts has "revived" that is almost in the past .

However, Burberry's work was over Ahrendts and his family to stay in England. He bought a plot of 12,000 square feet, equivalent to 1114 square meters on the outskirts of London, including a tennis court and a swimming pool inside.

Aside as to believe in fashion, Ahrendts met her husband at the experimental school and she had a great deal. live happily for 40 years. Her husband opened her business, but retired as "the father of the family" after Ahrendts became the Chief of Burberry.

Ahrendts have three children, and all of them are skilful. There, Jennings – the oldest son, is a wealthy musician.

In terms of customs, Ahrendts awakens at 4:35 a.m. morning, not to # 39; use a disgust ever. She also drinks alcohol, when he drinks 5-6 coca-cola basket every day.

In 2013, the Chief Executive of Ahrendts is the highest paid in the UK, with a estimate of $ 26.3 million a year.

In 2014, Ahrendts was the renowned Dame Commander of the British Empire (DBE) in England for his accomplishment. During the Burrend Ahrendts period, she helped get three times.

In April 1414, Ahrendts moved forever to his "fashionless" career throughout his lifetime, as senior leader of Apple's largest retail chains.

The cause of this campaign may have been due to the fact that Ahrendts are "real" of Apple. "Because we have to criticize any company from a fashion perspective, Apple would be," said Ahrendts. "They are a product company with good design, and they are very inspiring."

Currently, Ahrendts is Apple's highest paying manager, with $ 24.2 million a year. This is twice as Chief Executive Tim Cook received. She is the only director of the iPhone's oldest woman.

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