Twitch offers a one-view, one view by Squad Stream


Twitch offers a multi-view view, one view with the Squad Stream 3

The flow of multiple shows makes sense for game fans, as it gives a higher level of movement for a complete view and even for a perpetual multiplayer. Although it is not a new picture, OnLive has offered a multi-purpose view of the way back in 2012, Twitch now gives the opportunity to look up to four streamers on one screen.

Squad Stream is a new feature that allows viewers to view a game from different angles and from different perspectives from the center of the population. Previously, many streams had a dramatic effect on the creator and user, especially when creators were broadcasting from different sources. The constant struggle for broadband to deal with the problem was difficult. Sruth sweep Folding delivers the feeds to one screen, allowing viewers to expand one animal to feed it, and to monitor the other estuaries as well as between working with the creator community.

Twitch gives a multi-view view, with the same view by Squad Stream 4

“Unlike spectacularly maintaining or sticking races, enabling collaboration and collaboration, Squad Stream also enables creators to live alongside other creators to benefit. given to everyone in a channel, ”explained vice-president Twitch knowing the expertise of Hubert Thieblot in a blog post.

Creators can make connections from the desktop, content that they would not now flow, and grow their communities at the same time. Audiences will get more on the task, a way to support more of their favorite loved ones and to speak to a number of good communities at the same time – or to join a new one.

Twitch understands that their capabilities for Squad Stream go beyond multi-adventure trips such as Mario Kart or Apex Legends. In an interview, Justin Oh, the product marketing manager, said the subject could be popular with other established media such as a table board and board board, and even with other activities such as cooking.

Although skewed scanning technology, Squad Stream may also share some content using a Google Stadium streaming service, weight to control the thrush. They decide who will come to the stream, and allow star creators who are not as well aware as they appear on larger channels.

Last updated: March 28, 2019

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