Twitter Are you trying to redesign the answers. This is what he likes.


Today, Twitter has put out a new prototype app called “Twttr” which gives previews of new features to a group of selected probationers.

An email from the Twitter that he sent for examiners said, “We're thrilled to take you in early to give you behind the scenes, looking firstly at the way we are exploring new ideas. ”It is not clear when the features are available for a wider audience, but it does seem that Twitter is thinking about making it.

The app, published BuzzFeed News, was downloaded with Apple's test platform to Testflight, introducing a test on the redesigned response format. Here's what it looks like:

Replies to a tweet are looking more like a direct message. The answers from the following are explained in blue, and the replies from the original soldier are explained in black.

The number of revisions and hidden things is also hidden in the thread view, and they only appear in the response view.

Writing answers will also look different. Now you can see the tweet you are answering, and you write the answer.

Twitter spokesman Liz Kelley said the new features are aimed at "the public conversation". In an email report, Kelley said, “Public dialogue helps the world learn faster, solve common problems, and understand that we are all together. We know that discussions on Twitter could be easier to follow, so we openly review early searches and this app and continue to build Twitter with those who use it. . ”

A re-designed system of reply may help ease conversations. It is not clear how the new interface will help with issues of harassment and abuse.

Experimenters with an interest may apply online.

The officer Twitter Support advising that applicants should check their e-mail for updates in the future. The company transfers users from the previous date.

No editing button yet, but

Replies are just one of the features the company is redeveloping. Last year, after many users, Twitter deleted your new button on a mobile phone to move between an algorithm timeline and a timeline.

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