Twitter users balancing the scholarship of Helen Zille Danny K


West Prime Minister Eilidh Zille

West End's response Helen Zille to tweet of white privilege from local singer Danny K has landed again in hot water with Twitter users.

Last Friday the singer went out: “I am encouraged by the lack of sympathy that many South African people are looking at. color in your image, enjoy it and pay on ".

On Monday, Zille responded to his tweet saying the singer should give some spelling lessons; The idea was that there was a big criticism. Twitter users resisted the old-fashioned politician to provide the very issues that the tweet raised.

Many users specified a film film and some asked if their controversial titles were just a way of attracting attention.

A number of Twitter users said that Zille's reaction was a sign of the DD, the opposing party's previous president and who is still a senior member,.

Many people mentioned an article on the first page in Cape Argus on Tuesday.Places left in the dark says that one of the R62.5 million that was settled by the town of Cape Town for public light in the financial year 2019/20 will not go to Khayelitsha. Despite a research commission around 2014 in relation to urban policing, they found that there was a lack of street lighting enough to contribute to crime in the area.


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