Two additional advanced cases will be added to Epuyén


With two advanced cases of aviation, the Chubut Health Ministry confirmed that 16 people had the disease in Epuyén.

Director of Esquel Registration Department, Jorge Elías, explained that "There were two unusual and yesterday reasons, the test was fast enough"

"We may be in the final stages of this release series. We include the fact that we are looking at the last situation of the situation we are ask, "he said.

To date, there were five victims of deaths of 14, 30, 38, 61 and 72 years.

Yesterday, it was learned that a 7-year-old boy was transferred to Ramón Carrillo's hospital on Saturday morning. Elijah explained that the child is still "in the intensive care unit with a sustainable picture"

"In this case, he demonstrated his first paths for hauntavirus. This child was in communication with a positive case at the hospital in Esquel: an older woman who had been ventilated but was- already in a common room in the revival process. When the child had the first mark We have indicated that this may have been haun due to the epidemiological linkage", Elias named.

Although the child's parents traveled to Bariloche, the officer said they were "under strict biosynthesis. Before traveling, we made all the recommendations."

He said the last days "the team that works in the Epuyén area is working against its opposition, recognizing each of the close links of these issues. On 30 and 31 December, We included the steps we were doing more than 20 days ago"In this way, everyone should comment on" positive case messages "to keep optional home remoteness, using chinstrap, wash the handles regularly and keep a special distance from others. "It is directed to take these steps forward," said Elijah.

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